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    One of my friends dragged me on this game, and it looks pretty darn cool, but I have NO FLIPPING IDEA what it is. It seems like a cool concept, and I'd like to be a part of it, but I'm not entirely sure what "It" is. Help?


    @kakcoszukha Hello new friend, you might need this (info).


    @kakcoszukha said in Ok, what's happening?:

    One of my friends dragged me on this game, and it looks pretty darn cool, but I have NO FLIPPING IDEA what it is. It seems like a cool concept, and I'd like to be a part of it, but I'm not entirely sure what "It" is. Help?


    Start here, and read the spotlights. Page 7 is the oldest, and then articles go to newer towards page 6, page 5, and so on.


    I've been following the game for more than a year now, for the same reasons that got you into it. There's three planets, 3 races with a different ruleset for each world. No matter what your playstyle or your friend's playstyle, there's something interesting to do for everyone in this one, a good mix of pve, pvp, economy, world building and governance, exploration and more.

    There are instances like the eclipse and asteroids that affect gameplay between the worlds, and portals that you can travel between them with. With a complete open world and no grind to become better, and not having to pay to win, this is one game that if done well and has a good community, promises a lot of fun no matter what you're doing or who you're doing it with.

    It's a top down isometric game, the worlds are going to be huge, and you can't just carry everything in your pack, nor can you just go kill a rat a thousand times hoping it makes you stronger and drops an epic piece of gear, you'll have to make your own gear and learn how to get stronger yourself with the schools, following quest lines. There's also quests for the gods, if you want to transform into a completely new racial as well it's possible.

    So there's no actual classes in game, but there are alignments, and there are consequences to your actions in game, and those also depend on the planet you are on and your alignment, and I imagine, will impact any quest line you're taking for any of the gods as well. (if you so choose) You can be both a crafter, and a fighter, and can choose which schools you want to learn in order to specialise if that's your thing.

    Towns are going to be a big part of the game I think, in that the economy is purely player driven, and trade between towns for resources will be key to access materials that just aren't available to everyone otherwise. Some materials will be abundant in some areas but not others, and it'll be imperative to have people traveling around the world and between worlds either to trade, hunt or raid for resources they cannot find on their own planet.

    So you'll find demons leaving Tartaros to raid, humans traveling to fight beasts that don't live on Syndesia, everyone going to Arboreus to collect resources they need for whatever recipe or potion they are making. You'll find people hunting on every planet, and trade caravans between towns from merchants that will either bring prosperity to both towns, or to whoever raids them on their journey.

    You'll find people building and governing towns, farming and crafting in them. The more successful their town the better gear the town can create, as some buildings are only available in the bigger towns. Thievery and murder will be attractive ways to gain items quickly but will also spawn a legion of mercenaries eager to hunt you.

    The spotlights and the youtube videos are the best information available about the game at the moment. I'm imagining that the game is going to hold something of interest to everyone no matter their gameplay style. With three different worlds with three different rulesets, you can completely play however you want to without interference. Want to have hardcore pvp? Best to live on Tartaros as a demon. PVE is your thing? Then be a beastman on Arboreous. Not sure you want to define either way but want the option of using technology, choose human (they're steampunk inspired). Want to do something completely different and have a bigger challenge than the game's already going to give you? Pick any race and then follow a quest to change to an entirely new one, be it Angel, Abomination or Lich.... or new races we don't even yet know of! Like to explore? You'll need to in this game in order to grow, but there's a bit of a survival aspect involved, and you won't be able to pick up everything you find and carry it home, you'll need to choose wisely.

    So yeah, lots of reason to be excited about this one.

    Also check out the artwork and music, I'm really looking forward to this one.


    It is a vision many of us was searching for ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Lot's of good information above.

    I would definitely start with the spotlights and if you get the chance watch the Q&A sessions. Those had some more detailed answers from questions we posted to the forums. I've gone through the spotlights a few times and I typically find one or two thing that I missed or forgotten about.

    Welcome, please buckle up and enjoy the journey.


    Another major thing that would be helpful is, while it will be time consuming, try to go through the forums. There have been a lot of discussions about aspects of the game on them, and lots of them will help you understand the finer points in the game.


    Thanks everyone, I have the just of the game's vision and am now depressed it's not finished. Just kidding. Gives me more time to get what's going on in a game. Uh... How do you close a topic. ๐Ÿ˜“
    But seriously, thank you. This forum is ALOT more active than most, and ALOT more active than I expected, which gives me hope for the game. Now, Imma play SMITE till this comes out. later!

    Wait, how'd I do an emoji?

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