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    Even tho it was kinda answered in discord chat, I think that this question is still good to discuss.

    So the question was about the actual use of players' interaction with environment. I got it from one of the videos that you can poison or electrify water, and this feature actually seems really good, simple enough to implement and very underused by MMORPGs.

    But will players have some environment dependant abilities and talents? Like stronger fire enchantments during day time, or, say, some abilities only being usable while in the shadows, or near some other objects. Good examples would be ragnarok online's cloaking ability which was only usable near walls at smaller levels, and gives more movement speed near walls on bigger levels, waterball ability which was very strong, but was not useable at all unless you're standing in the water. Or Dota 2 windrunner's shackleshot that ties characters to trees.

    Creating small areas of certain element like small water ponds to be used later in combat, or creating eclipses to turn day into night in some area to be used later would be interesting aswell.

    Or will it be possible to cut your way through trees, rocks and other obstacles? Say, if you're outnumbered and you want to use this opportunity to escape, or bottleneck your opponents by creating a narrow passage. I get that Fractured is made without using voxels, but it can still be implemented without them I think, but I don't know how hard it would be and is something like this actually planned.

    So basically I wanted to know how far this environment interaction goes, since the idea is good and possibilities are endless, but info on this topic is pretty scarce, unless I've missed something.

    Another question that goes well tied to environment interaction is about game's "verticality". If maps would be completely flat, with obstacles, or if they'll have different levels which will affect gameplay. Say, better visibility or damage if you're uphill and your foe is downhill, jumping or climbing walls (this one is complicated for sure), to get away or chase your foes on another altitude level, etc.

    Once again, it seems to fall into "environment interaction" category, but we have no information is something like this is planned or atleast thought about.

    Excuse my typos, from Rus' with best regards.


    Hi, they say there are some advantage for daemon on night and on eclipse.
    In more you could see on some video a casting spell where earth block some advance of the player.
    The character could also be an obstacle, you can't pass on him so he could block the way if a path is narrow (notabene for later : think to have a healer in you back when we do that)
    Unless i missed something, the map is "flat" you couldn't have an upper position to strike your arrow. But you could have relief (see swamp's house and mountains video).
    You could also cut trees, take plants but i don't think you could reduce some stones in dust.

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    @gofrit Yeah, I've also found some more info I've missed before, like:
    -Some abilities are affected by certain environments.
    -You can technically use fire spells to warm yourself up in a cold area, but your fire spells will suck in a snowy area. Also, you would be dealing fire damage to yourself.
    -Weather affects combat and interacts with your abilities.
    -Some abilities are more effective at a certain time of the day.

    Most useful pieces are that time of day affects gameplay aswell, and weather interaction with abilities.
    But still, not being able to use an ability without some object nearby, or an ability changing drastically depending on invironment is one thing, and boring "+10% damage while in a snowy biome" or something is totally another.

    Still nothing on destructability of some objects or verticality. Verticality is probably not the case as it's hard to implement in a isometric game (while ragnarok did it very well at times), and on destructability it's understood that, say, trees can be destroyed, but is it intended to have any practical use is still unclear.

    Still, I'm new here and so I'm probbbly too greedy for information.


    @dcccxix said in Environment interaction details:

    trees can be destroyed, but is it intended to have any practical use is still unclear.

    tree are used to build house and some stuff

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    @gofrit I meant practical use in combat. I get that you can use them as a resource, but can you cut them to block paths or damage foes? So far it's unclear.


    I think we could use the log to build carts and using carts to block the passage like barricade But I think is better to have some earth mage to put some mud wall😅

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    @gofrit Probably. For example, I believe it was said somewhere that certain spells could freeze water. Let's say you can make yourself a narrow passage on top of the water, and then pass through it, turn around and either destroy it, drawning the chasers, or using this frost lazor button where enemies won't have any ways to avoid damage.

    Building carts to block passages seems nice, but even if it'd be possible, it would require coordinated effort of several players, most likely. What about if you're wandering the world and the situation has turned the way, that this option of using obstacles to your advantage would benefit you alot?

    For example, let's say there is a dungeon with different rooms, and somewhere we could have a mob called "cracked wall". It would essentially be just a mob, but also a piece of wall, looking exactly like other wall pieces. And so if you're almost cornered near it, you could hit it a couple of times to crush the wall and go into the room behind it, once again, bottlenecking enemies in a narrow passage or making new potential routes to escape.

    Or, let's say, there is a rope bridge that you could cut or burn after going through it.

    Or maybe some spell that would allow to go through obstacles temporarly, for like 1-3 seconds, for obvious uses, etc.

    I wonder if something like this is planned.


    @dcccxix In regards to your suggestion that you should be able to go through some obstacles temporarily, that may actually happen, but instead of running through walls, you might be able to teleport. In the 4th spotlight, it mentions that those using alteration will be able to alter the space-time continuum, which may mean that these players would be able to teleport short ranges.

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    @wolfkomodo46 Yeah, I heard that, we could also see in once of the videos that Uriel's earth walls could be jumped over by Prometheus' leaps, too, so it could work with various obstacles aswell. But you can do that in any game, and it's not enough to be considered a unique feature. I sure hope there is much more than that.

    Btw it's a pity there is no "suggestions" section on the forum. It would make forum much more alive, tho 98% of those would be fantasies never to be implemented, or something already planned or looked into and discarded.


    we're just adding suggestion to the tags of that post. I try to include [Suggestion] in the title so it's easily searchable.

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