How creative will the cosmetic character creation be?

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    Today I have thought about the character creation.

    Nearly everything in fractured will have many ways to deal with it or get information and/or materials. I love this ideas .
    But I think about the possibility to customise your character in many ways.
    For example :
    Even if 2 player have chosen the same race,gender,face etc. They could be different in height, weight, muscle head, slim like a bone and so on.

    Or the possibility for your character to get signs from your journey visible . Like u travel to frost regions only in underwear and get some random permanent frostbite marks.
    Or the possibility to lose "body parts" for example an eye. Or u try to cuddle with wild wolf's an at the xth try some wolf bites off ur pinky 😂

    What's your opinion about all this

    (If something similar is discussed or answered
    somewhere please link I did not find it than 😂)


    @ukido 0_1537034854291_96cb4897-0c7a-4607-9cd5-81d3066496e2-image.png
    As you can see from this screen, we will get the character customization when we reach the amount of € 140,00 . At the moment (the money from the kickstarter), we have € 111,662. When the store opens (Fractured Store), we will be able to save the amount further. Then it will be clear how creative customization will be

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    @muker Ok that will cover the character creation theoretical

    What about the possibility of permanent game caused optical/physical character modifications like scars, burn marks even the possibility to lose body parts from really exessiv playing against health or logic?


    @ukido There will be visual effects, about another I have no information.


    Character Create is literally my favorite part of any MMO


    if you've played any type of isometric game, then you'll understand that it's difficult to see faces, eye color or even build. Look at Ultima Online and just see if you can see what a character selection options they used.

    I really feel that putting a bunch of time into it will be wasted.

    there's a reason why Path of Exile, Diablo (series) and other dungeon crawler games don't have character customization.


    @jetah ^ this is my thoughts precisely. Likely wouldn't be able to tell much anyways, making it not so much bang for the buck.

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    Ok. That's a big point I didn't think about.

    Than discard the visual effects.

    But u can bind it in as storyparts for the char.
    Like the way in pen & papers.

    For example u lose an eye (regardless the way u lose it)
    After that u lose a bit off ur sight, like a little blind spot on ur right or something like that.
    And u have this info in ur character sheet.

    Just an idea don't know how complicated it is to implement it in game and if it makes sense for most players that some actions can have permanent consequences for u.


    I don't know how much we will be able to see of the characters, because of the game being isometric. I hope I'll be able to make my character unique looking. I also hope that by looking at a character we will get information about that character: a warrior should look like a warrior, a merchant like a merchant, ... You should be able to see if a character is fast or strong, what kind of armor it's wearing, what kind of weapons, ...


    There are probably some areas not worth investing into, like customizing color of eyes by offering millions of colors, or customizing eyebrows by making players able to use vector transformation to align their angle as they like, and stuff like that.

    On the other hand some parts of character customization do make sense even in isometric game, like overall body build, height, weight, perhaps haircuts, and stuff like that. Things that are noticeable even from isometric perspective.

    So offering an advanced character customization should (imo) mean advancing those parts of customization that make sense. Adding more hair styles, improving character build customization options, etc.


    there is a good character creation in EVE online but you can't see your character in-game so why not in an isometric game.

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    Theoretical everything is possible.
    From full cosmetic options of every little part of the body to nothing at all.
    From normal character life where nothing inflicts permanent changes on ur character to realy harsh environment and/or actions can effect ur character optical/physical permanent. Or even aging depending on age/environment/lifestyle/climate.

    But we don't know how much the dev's will implement or add later.
    A hint of someone from the team would be nice.

  • One of the gameplay videos shows different tigerkin fur colors so there's at least that. Also, sometimes games like these have player portraits which could make facial customization relevant.


    CCP abandoned the station invasion part which would have been more FPS or 3PS which would have meant seeing your character.

    I want to have cloaks so that you can't see what armor or weapons a player has. Unknown should be there for this type of game. You shouldn't see a person and instantly know they're 'more powerful' than you. Just walking down a street or being in a classroom you don't know who has a conceal and carry permit (I guess this is mostly US thing) or who's a great boxer, MMA or martial artist.


    Would be nice to see the marks of your journey being visible on your char: like scars, tattoos you received, frostbite and burns. Ofc for those that do not like that kinda thing, just go find a healer and have your char restored. But yea would be awesome to see such an feature implemented into the game


    (some of) Customization suggestions for Fractured (as an isometric game):

    • general body build options (weight, height, musculature)
    • noticeable body flaws (a lack of a leg or an arm being replaced with something else, a lack of an eye, bigger scars)
    • noticeable tattoos (small tattoos are practically useless in isometric game)
    • race based body part replacements (customized wings, different skin for a beast kin tail or (larger) ears)
    • various hairstyles
    • various skin colors and textures
    • ... other noticeable aesthetic parts

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    A hint of someone from the dev's would be nice. If something of this will be possible ingame.

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