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    So this is a list of users I have blocked (all are those Chinese spam accounts) but since they have been banned by mods (or deleted by own action, not sure) they are now all tagged as Guest instead of their old original name.

    This means they are now stuck permanently in my block list and I have no way to remove them, and if i block more of them, and they get banned as well, my block list will just get continually filled with more and more "Guests" that I can't remove anymore.

    Is there any way I can remove these banned/deleted accounts from my block list, or is this something that needs to get looked into and fixed down the line, in some future time?


    looks like your building yourself a nice hotel list there 😛


    why not quit blocking them, and report them and let them be banned, never needing to go into your block list in the first place?


    why not report a bug in the block mechanics so it can be fixed..


    @greenfire I did report them as well, I just didn't want to see the spam until they had a chance to be banned.

    This would be the problem with legitimate users as well, not only spam bots. If there is someone you don't like and you don't want to see his posts and you block him, and he ends up banned later on due to some misconduct, he would remain stuck in your block list as well.

    Over the years, our block lists might fill up to the point where we can't block new people anymore (due to block list being filled up to it's cap) while in same time not being able to remove old banned accounts from it, which would end up in us loosing a function of a block list completely.


    @gothix The guests on your list are deleted accounts, not banned accounts. I've informed Prometheus about your bug, but I don't think he can do much about it. He's not the developer of the forum software. 😉

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Gothix that's definitely a bug (regarding deleted accounts, not banned ones), I'll check whether it's been fixed in one of the most recent versions of our forum platform, or report it if not. That being said, blacklisting them is of little use, since most now get caught by the spam filters, and if any goes through it gets banned and IP-blacklisted right away.


    Awesome. Yes the new measures seem to be working very nicely. 🙂

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