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    Hi, in the live stream you said crystal will be used to build Tower's mage...
    Could we have more information about it ?
    Is it owned by a player or is it in the town blueprint pack ?
    Is it boosting knowledge ?
    Is it giving tool/NPC to help players on some stuff build/enchant/fx skin ?
    Is it giving shop for selling "magic" item ?
    Could we have archmage title 😉 ?



    In the summaries found here and here

    They say;

    Upgrades may exist for specific buildings such as a mage tower. These upgrades may use crystals. None of this is planned or guaranteed.

    You can build a mage tower in your town that casts helpful spells during sieges.

    I don't think too much information has been dropped for them yet! Hopefully someone else can help you more with these questions but I hope this helped a bit haha

  • They're not player owned. They're placed by the governor like every other town building that isn't a player home. And like @Agracore pointed out, they're for siege defense.

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