Summary of July 24 stream (INCOMPLETE)


    Please feel free to correct any mistaken or incomplete information here.

    Prometheus refused to answer any questions fixated too closely to Sieges and "field battles".

    Prometheus also had a slightly better microphone than yesterday.

    Forum questions

    • NPCs such as guards will move into a City as its Prestige rises and will "have value".
    • There are three sizes of City Zone, which affects the number of citizens (player with houses in the City) needed for a Hamlet to become a Town:
      • 5 for a small City Zone
      • 10 for a medium City Zone
      • 20 for a large City Zone
    • Houses are built and decorated in the following steps:
      • Selecting a blueprint
      • Selecting a material that's valid for that blueprint
      • Retrieving materials from the area and physically constructing the house
    • If booted from a City in which you have a house, you will be sent an email and will have 24 hours to move your things somewhere else.
    • A player's House offers a respawn point, a secure inventory, and lockable doors.
    • Building a house is not related to any form of "money". You just have to be given a lot by the City (or claim somewhere in a Free Zone) and drag the mats over to build the thing.
    • (While refusing to mention Sieges), the only way to reliably combat a corrupt Governor of a Guild City, other than griefing him until he does what you want, is to abandon the City entirely. The Fractured team fully expect for unhappy Citizens to get another guild to come Siege a Guild Town.
    • Any Town that loses enough Prestige will revert to a Hamlet and remove any Governor in place. It will also unlink from its owner Guild.
    • The generated game world has clear "paths" leading between City Zones, so that players can find cities more easily. Roads can be paved along these pathways. Walking on a paved road increases movement speed compared to grass.
    • Citizens earn personal Prestige through any positive interaction with the City, from building or repairing buildings to patronizing the NPC shops. Earning and losing it is "a bit slow". (We already know that Governor elections occur roughly once a month, so Prestige gains will likely match this timescale.)
    • A player can only have one personal home at a time. If you claim another City lot or claim a new spot in a Free Zone, the old one will start a countdown timer. During this timer, you can give the house to somebody else.
    • Governors can assign tasks and powers to Citizens (delegates).
    • Blueprints are in early development and no "final" method to acquire them has been planned. In early alphas, expect all player to begin with most or all blueprints. They are "unlocks" that cannot be traded, similarly to knowledge or cosmetics. Some Blueprints will be bought in the premium store.
    • Village, Town, City, and Metropolis are just titles for a town based on its size and prestige level. This does not unlock or limit features in any way.
    • You are free to build "social spots" like inns, taverns, campfires. These are not specially coded buildings; you can use whatever you want like it was a tavern.
    • Your house cannot be destroyed or looted.
    • There is a town board to place messages, tasks, arguments, etc.
    • Any kind of monsters may be "haunting" a ruined or abandoned town. You just have to clear all monster from the area to start a Hamlet.
    • Once a Hamlet becomes a City, it can build things other than player houses.
    • The game world does not have a 'linear progression' where PVP-enabled areas are 'later game'.
    • NPC shops et al do not count as player houses.
    • NPCs respond to any hostile act against the town, against Citizens of the town, or against members of the guild controlling a Guild Town.
    • A single player can only control one Town.
    • There is no coded system for a single player or guild to control more than one Town.
    • Houses cannot be "upgraded" after initial building.
    • Temples are a planned City building. (This is how you pray to gods.)
    • [Governor building]
    • Houses cannot have basements.
    • Kickstarter Governors...
    • Altars as furniture inside of a player house are NOT currently planned. Religious quests currently revolve around full-fledged temples inside of Cities.
    • Houses cannot have teleport portals.
    • [I missed the question after teleport portals]
    • There are differences in a house made of a different material, but it's not significant.
    • Humans gain access to "steampunk buildings" in very high-prestige Towns. (Not sure if this is dependent on being on Syndesia or having a Human governor.)
    • Building a house does not take very long or very many resources.
    • (Arguable relevance) You can sell or trade domesticated animals.
    • Houses can have farming plots. A Governor can also dedicate an entire plot to a farm for a specific crop, or a ranch for a specific animal.
    • The Fractured team expects farms to be placed on the outside of the City, and outside of any city walls that exist.
    • Guild members can respawn in their Guild Town.
    • [I missed the question after Guild Town respawn]

    Questions in chat

    • There will be exclusive decorations for [...]
    • Towns have no hard-coded restrictions on alignment or race (other than those of the planet.) Governors may be as bigoted as they like about accepting citizens.
    • Some Blueprints can only be used on certain planets or in certain biomes.
    • The advantage of living in a Free Area is that no Governor can kick you out and you're not obligated to participate in a community. Of course, you may be that crazy old coot who comes down from the mountains into town time to time.
    • Prometheus starts working at 9 AM like most people, but often does not stop until the following 2~3 AM.
    • You can change the decorations of houses after they've been built. (This was asked earlier.) Some items have a personal space and can't be placed too close together.
    • There may be limited or event-only decorations.
    • Upgrades may exist for specific buildings such as a mage tower. These upgrades may use crystals. None of this is planned or guaranteed.
    • You can have as many "sneaky evil people-eaters" as you want.
    • If a Governor quits the game or becomes inactive, you will be able to elect a new one in a Free City. A Guild Master of a Guild City can forcefully replace the Governor at any time.
    • Prometheus foresees the risk of a strong bias in favor of Guild Towns and unfair punishment for Free Towns. He has no idea what will happen. The team will be watching these trends in the alpha.
    • More art for the races is coming soon.
    • Natural disasters are not currently planned.
    • It is not planned to be able to excavate caves or mines in a City.
    • It is not specifically planned for lotuses to be a garden plant.
    • Kickstarter Governors do not have a magic "give me my town back" button if they lose the town they start with. They have to do the same thing everybody else does to claim a town. Governors who will be inactive for a month or two are encouraged to assign delegates to run the town in their absence, or just tell everyone they'll be gone and ask for their position back when they return.

    Final words

    • The on-site store will open soon after the Kickstarter campaign concludes.
    • There will be a void of activity ("vacation time") lasting one or two weeks and starting within the next few days.


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