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    How will the game be in this stuff?

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    1. What business model does Fractured follow?

    Fractured follows a “buy to play” business model. This means that a single initial purchase gives you permanent access to the game, without any content restriction!

    On top of that, the game features an Item Store selling cosmetic perks and an optional VIP membership.

    1. VIP membership? What's that about?

    VIP membership is a monthly subscription planned to be priced around $10/month. It provides the following perks:

    Discounts on Store items

    Unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time

    Other vanity rewards we might think of in the future

    Additional study slots

    Increased Knowledge Point gains

    1. Is VIP membership "Pay to Win"?

    Fractured characters are already competitive from day 1. The core of progression afterwards consists of completing tasks requiring you to travel and perform a wide range of exploration- and experimentation-related activities.

    The bonuses from VIP membership have nothing to do with the above, since they only impact the passive “studying phase” that kicks in once the tasks have been completed. Moreover, they've been balanced so that they only speed up progression for "completionists" who want to learn a ton of abilities (beyond what's actually useful for each character). Because of this, VIP membership ultimately has no impact on actual PvP competition, not between individuals nor between guilds.

    In addition to that, there will be cash shop to sell cosmetics only. No P2W, no lootboxes. A copy of Fractured will cost €30 on release.

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    i dont even know why there's a FAQ if people don't actually read it.

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    i'm not english nature, so read these things are dificulty.

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    @gabrinoel which language you are speaking, maybe you should ask in the special language forum about it in your native one.


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