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    Any idea if it will be similar to Archeage where there are set plots and people bid over them for building or is it more of a "anywhere at all plop a plot" kind of thing?


    mixed. there are special areas to build but taxes could be setup so it cost to build and maintain that house.


    @jetah what the man said.


    The building looks great. My big concern is if the land to build on will be limited and those who get there first will lock out other players or will there be some kind of instanced/phasing land so everyone can build.

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    @billa2720 You raise a valid argument. It will be interesting to see how the developers deal with this.

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    I sincerely hope that it will be set plots, but at the same time that players can build roads if they are in the leadership of a town... such that they can effectively expand plot areas. What I would like to see, and have proposed in a few other games but never been taken up on, is this:

    A town starts with a central placement, which includes a central square for gatherings and several roads leading out, along with whatever buildings are bare minimum requirements. This can be done with different layouts, or even with customized building (merely requiring the connected buildings to be placed for the town to become active.)

    That would include a few road 'ends', at least two but possibly more. From those road ends, road sections could be built to extend the town. Road sections could be upgraded to have cross connections (aka, making a 3 or 4 way road from a 2 way road.) One of the types of road sections can include a build connection, aka a plot. The area of that plot can be set to different size levels, or it could be custom with the leadership placing area limits.

    The nice thing about such a system is that it not only allows for some control, but in turn if desired it could be set to total freedom where people could build their own road structures.

    Whether this is something that is worth the development time or not is a good question, but I believe it would be a cool system for making towns that can grow with varying levels of control.


    @billa2720 @Apolleon

    It was mentioned that living areas were locked to certain areas. I assume as the town center (or other major building) is upgraded the influence is expanded and more residential and commercial plots become available.

    example: a major city will have more plots than a village.


    If it's like archeage with the set plots, I sure do hope there are enough of them. I don't want to see another mad landrush and people missing out on a place to build a home. I guess there won't be any instanced housing, please for the love of god, let people have a spot to build their home 🙂


    I would be interested to see it as a sort of Life is Feudal sort of deal where maybe a guild gets into a buildable area and plants their flag which has a radius and the members can build inside that radius and then as they grow and upgrade it expands to a larger buildable area? Maybe guilds could form alliances and connect their towns and allow for trade between them at specified taxes or something?


    Id like to see a random building location, whereas you can build towns after a specific threshold away from a specific point on the map


    @d1shwasher Yeah, I kinda like this idea. As long as there is some rhyme or reason so that the map doesn't get overloaded with player settlements.


    as long as you can destroy someone house in the map, that would be nice.


    Maybe player made cities would be a pvp zone only thing so they could be ransacked?


    Be interested to see how this turns out, housing should be for everyone to be able to do, not just a set few/large Guilds who come charging in. Watching the game and reading all we know i believe there will be options for all players


    I think bigger guilds will get bigger plots of land, but everyone should be able to build a house, forge, woodworks, etc, as well as destroy plots of land.

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