Will be pets or trained animals to help you out in any way?


    I was wondering if there would be any pets or trained combat animals to help you with any sort of role in the game. Or you would you be able to learn how to do such a thing.

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    should be an answer in the live Q&A (video or summary of said video).


    I remember there being a little blurb about pets in the video, and there was a sentence or so in the summary, but I also can't wait to hear more about the ways in which pets will interact with us and the world.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    In Spotlight #5, under Charisma there is

    Charisma is a measure of the leadership and mental abilities of a character, determining the amount of pets and companions it can control at once, its ability to charm other creatures and its affinity with mental abilities, which increases psychic damage and psychic resistance.

    And from Spotlight #4 there is Conjuration that

    allow the caster to summon items and creatures from faraway locations – or even parallel dimensions! – to be used to its own advantage.


    deal with powers that bring death or decay, but they’re also able to corrupt Elysium’s primal energy and infuse it into the bodies of fallen creatures and mechanical constructs, animating them into new, twisted forms of life

    So it seems there will be the ability to control other creatures to help in battle. Now whether these charmed beings or magical constructs are permanent or semi-permanent, I haven't found anything definitive. Permanent meaning they are there until killed and semi-permanent meaning on some timer until they "go away".

    They've also mentioned animals to help transport goods (likely non combatants).

    I'm curious if Musicianship and maybe Illusionism will allow charming mobs / creating them or maybe just having a high Charisma and some talent to "tame" animals will be available.


    tl;dr: yes


    @innershadow thank you, I'm kinda new to doing forums. I was just really interested in this game so decided to participate.
    I've not watched all the video content or read all the posts. Was just a question that came to mind.


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