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    I use to be a very active member of the old Dynamight and Fractured MMO community. Thankfully my profile on this forums has proof of that so maybe I can salvage what I've lost and maybe other people too from speaking out about this issue on this post. On my profile you can read I'm a TF#11 - Proconsul, I joined AUG 13, 2018 and my Dynamight account was level 224. I was promised many rewards and a lot of gold to spend but was never given the chance to redeem these rewards. Was all my time and effort devoted to this game and community just a waste? Not to mention the old Fractured MMO site had a lot of cool stuff to plan the game like clans, character building and a lot more that I'm sure others miss. I feel fraud and cheated and would like compensation.

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    Check Arcahem answer here.


    Our foundations level and all associated rewards are still valid, we simply cannot see them at the moment.

  • @Crache Hello hero,

    The Foundation system is currently frozen.

    However, the rewards from this are not lost and you will receive them at a later date (after the release).


    @LordSkykal Well maybe you all should unfreeze them.


    @Gibbx RIGHT!?


    The foundation froze before it was announced. I, for instance, joined at the start of the beta. Points never accumulated for posting and such. I feel awful for people like @Crache , that have been here since the beginning. Arcahems answer is not good enough. Plain and simple.

  • @Gibbx This has to be done by other people, we ambassadors have no influence on it.


    @Junkie thank you

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    @Junkie actually, they announced the Foundation Freeze before Beta ever started, it just got delayed a bit. The post your talking about was the reminder after the fact.

    As it is, foundation rewards don't become really active until launch anyway. The only real exception being some forum titles, and the chance to pre-purchase some decor that you can't use until release anyway.

    They announced the foundation freeze because they were going to be working on integrating it with the new systems that were introduced with Beta (Gamigo/Glyph) and reinstating them lsn't the plain and simple solution it is thought to be. Shoot, there were some errors coming through on the system before the Freeze was mentioned, and these probably prompted the overhaul.

    Suffice it to say, you still get your foundation levels and such, you just don't get new foundation points at the moment, BUT they were partly a reward system for being active on the site, and now you have the 24/7 Beta to be active in, which is its own motivation.

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