Gathered Feedback: Restrict buyers to only lowest cost items

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    Hi all!
    This is the first of many threads I'm going to create on a daily basis. Each of these threads will be related to a specific feedback/idea that the game's GM and Mods have collected in DIscord or in game and that has been forwarded to the developers. The aim of these threads is to discuss this feedback, to better understand how much interest the community shows toward it, if it has any critics or alternative ideas. So let us know what you think about it! Even just a +1 or -1 to the thread will be enough to understand how many players are for it or against it.

    Note: The fact that a feedback is presented in this thread does not mean that it will be implemented, it could be refused by devs for mutiple reasons (technical feasibility, excessive effort, against the game's vision...), but the amount of support that a feedback receives will surely be a factor.

    With that said, let's move to the first of our feedbacks received (I will conceal the name of the original sender):


    So what this user is asking, it to make it impossible for a player to buy an item on the market that costs more, if an item that costs less is also present. Taking the rogue stones in the screen as an example, if the players wants to buy one, he must buy the first one and can't decide to buy the second one or third one. This prevents accidentally missclicking on an item that costs more (maybe a 99999 gold small stone trap) and also makes it harder to conduct RMT through the market.

    Let us know if you are for this change or against it!

  • I agree, this is a great method to avoid bots and RMT. This also will help the market be more copetative and not inflate the market too much.

    But what players would do instead is put one low and rest high in order to artificially inflate prices

    IE: rogue stone, l have 4 , l put on at 15k and the rest below 12k , the market will then lower it further, and I then buy them out and sell at 15... happens in every mmo

  • I understand the first point and I agree with that. Missclicking can occur especially for new players. On that regards, it makes sense that one can only purchase the lowest price. For the second point, even though it helps with the RMT through marketing, as long as players can trade between one and another, it would very difficult to solve the RMT issue.

    @Loggy3313 said in Gathered Feedback: Restrict buyers to only lowest cost items:

    IE: rogue stone, l have 4 , l put on at 15k and the rest below 12k , the market will then lower it further, and I then buy them out and sell at 15... happens in every mmo

    I also agree with this statement. But the thing is, by nature, human tend to find exploits in every system and use them. Whatever option devs implement, there will be players who are going to manipulate the market.

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    Personally, I like that the market might default to the lowest cost item as a suggestion, but also want, as a player, the option to go for the higher priced market item. I might do this to help move the economy along more, or because I know a specific seller has an item on the market at a given price, and I'm trying to specifically help that player, but may not be able to manage to meet up with them timetable wise to make the purchase agreed upon. Yes, multiple people may have the item at that price, and then I'm stuck, but that's why I might agree to make it an oddball number to identify it. Say Me and Storm couldn't meet online for some reason with our schedule, but I wanted to see Storm a recipe, I might make the recipe cost 15,123 and then she would look for that price exactly, as few others would list at exactly that price.


    What about a popup notice stating that “This item is available at a lower cost in this market. Are you sure you wish to make this purchase?” This makes the buyer aware that they are about to pay a higher price but still gives them the option to do so if for some reason that is what they wish.


    That could get a bit tricky with something like equipment, where there's a large amount of factors (durability, material, enchants,...).
    A system like this could be either misleading to some players (if you can actually buy the more expansive weapon, but not the more expansive reagent), or hamper trade/progression for 'advanced' players who know and value the difference these stats provide.

    And if you would want to prevent RMT, you'd have to restrict trading between players and allowing others to access your chests, which could be a tough restriction for city sieges, where you want to equip people in order for them to defend you.

    As for accidentally purchasing the more expansive item, I agree, a confirmation dialog would be nice, hinting to the fact that there is a less expansive. but similar item, asking if you are sure that you want to purchase this one.

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    @Logain I think that you've hit the nail on the head.

    While the proposed system makes sense for resources and in general for items which present no variations, as soon as you start including items with properties attached, this gets a lot harder to implement.

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