Maximum number of Characters?

  • Just curious what the maximum number of characters is? I am having a hard time finding this information and forgot to check while playing during the last week of free play. I know that you technically can do everything on any character but I enjoy the ability to just swap characters and have everything setup and ready to go. This is a deciding factor between me purchasing the lowest level beta access and the most expensive one. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Also curious what the stats are for the trained wolf moun/mule mounts will be if that is known or if it will be semi-random for each person.

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    @Kave Nothing is known of the Wolf Mount from the Foundation, but it may just end up being a Skin you can overlay on your horse...still a great thing, and no worries about losing it that way.

    As to number of characters, they never said what it will be on release, but the main thing is they want to discourage alt charactering to an extent. We are figuring that by default, you'll probably get 3 slots, allowing 1 character per planet if you so desire, with higher tier packs giving some bonus slots, and bonus slots being available in the online store later...but again, this is all player supposition and nothing official has been shared that I can recall, and I've been following/playing since the Kickstarter, over 2 years ago.


    @GamerSeuss said in Maximum number of Characters?:

    (...)higher tier packs giving some bonus slots, and bonus slots being available in the online store later(...)

    Founder, Patron, Proprietor and Knight were supposed to get 1/1/2/2 additional character slots from the KS rewards and they were likely to be added to a store later down the road.

    How Gamigo is going to influence that and how the information has aged... that's a different topic. But it is at least something official 😉


    At some point 3 character slots / account was the thing and package extras on top of that. I am not sure what is the situation at the moment but I presume it has not changed. Three characters would also make sense so that people have at least a possibility to create one character / planet.

  • Awesome information, thank you all 😄

  • You can current create up to five characters.
    But it cannot guaranteed that the number will not change during the developement.


    Five! 😳 That takes value from the package extras tbh, if stays.

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