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    I don't really have much to say about this one, but I believe the tutorial needs to be improved and... made less buggy... for new players—the 'less buggy' part regarding unique bugs being present only there such as Linen Weave being uncraftable until they relog, them getting helplessly stuck in certain places, and names vanishing.

    I've seen a lot of players enter the game expressing how lost they feel and with many questions regarding what they should do or where they should go, how abilities work, what they should do with the random node they just harvested (ore, log, or stone), how to use certain workstations, how to get a mount, and how they should build their character (talents), why are they unable to use certain abilities or spells (armor and weapon weight classes alongside spell channeling). There is room for all of this to be taught and demonstrated on Tutorial Island, and construction should especially be something demonstrated there—such as how building works for houses and wagons—as it is one of the crown jewels of the game.

    There is also the matter of Knowledge Points gained from Tutorial Island that will never been seen again for that character if they decide to skip the tutorial. The knowledge progressions for those creatures—the Tutorial Wolf and the Tutorial Bandits—should automatically complete themselves when they decide to skip the tutorial so they can still have that bonus Knowledge Points to work with during their exploration of Syndesia.

    Many new players have entered Fractured and found themselves bewildered by all that it has to offer for their first experience of it, and there needs to be more guidance for those new players during their stay on Tutorial Island and maybe even afterwards when they leave it.

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    This was discussed by the devs already.

    They fear that if you add even more stuff to the tutorial, players will simply skip it.

    Instead they were considering adding some pages to the knowledge book which explained additional topics.


    Having players the guided opportunity to enchant and socket a chipped gem should be not a big deal to add into the tutorial >.>

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    Keep in mind too that this is the first iteration of the Tutorial Island. Unlike other parts of the Beta, Tutorial island was just introduced for the beta, so new bugs are bound to happen, and then it takes a sampling of those bugs to find and eliminate them.

    Also, they do want much of the game to be discoverable in the main game, not just guided through, and thus they don't add those elements to the tutorial island.

    I could see a couple optional quests in the island for catching a horse or enchanting an object, but definitely not building a house (anything that extensive should only be in the main game)

    As for the tutorial mobs, I think they struck the right balance with this. You can stay in the tutorial and get the bonus KP or you can skip it and the cost you pay is losing those bonus KP...don't just hand them over, and don't just unlock those skills if the tutorial gets skipped. If you want to dive right in without the tutorial, then you suffer the consequences.

    As @spoletta said, too much in the tutorial just makes it even more likely that it is going to be skipped. Right now, it takes less than 30 mins to do the tutorial to completion, all bandits and wolves included.

    What they could add is a warning before you leave the Tutorial that Tutorial Mobs cannot be completed in the knowledge book if you proceed.


    @spoletta said in New Players & Tutorial Island:

    This was discussed by the devs already.

    They fear that if you add even more stuff to the tutorial, players will simply skip it.

    Instead they were considering adding some pages to the knowledge book which explained additional topics.

    It doesn't matter to me if it was discussed already if the problem still exists while the door to feedback is still open. As long as they find some way to make the experience for new players better than what it is now to lessen the confusion they get upon leaving Tutorial Island, that's what matters the most.

    They should be more concerned about what these new players want to see and want taught to them when they enter the game—not what they fear they'll do upon seeing such and such. If multiple players have been providing feedback that the tutorial could have been better, that's what they need to work on.

    (However, I will say that I am happy to hear that they are improving the Book of Knowledge to make it more informative for its namesake.)


    I skipped this time the whole tutorial but in tests before those tutorials had some issues as well if I remember correctly. Anyhow, I agree that a few extra guides would be nice if still missing. The enchant system is confusing enough (especially for new players) that it definitely needs some tutorial how it functions. Same with the mount thing because catching a horse with a net is not something that you would expect to happen. 😅 I guess it could be nice if you would need to finnish a NPC house which still misses a few stone blocks and wood.


    The old tutorials starting at the 'starter' towns were a bit better. It walked you through food, killing things, armor and crafting and then sent you out in the wild.

    Tip for the future don't leave the tutorial island until you have killed all the mobs up to 100% and spent the knowledge points.
    If you skip the island you lose out on about 5,000 knowledge points which is a big deal. It is bad that it is not really clear.

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    It is actually 3k if you skip literally everything.

    If you just kill the 10 wolves and the 5 bandits it asks you to, you are losing 2.5k.

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