Enchanting system balance and tweaks

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Rules to change:

    Rule 1 - Priority of stronger enchantment when having two enchantments on the table at the same time
    how it works now:
    if two options are available at once when enchanting, each of them can be applied randomly to your equipment

    how it should work:
    enchantments of a higher rank are always prioritized. For example, if there is T1 and T2 enchantment at once, T2 will always be applied.

    Reagents balance
    T2 mana regen
    example recipes:
    animal bones + ashes + mandrake root + primordial dust + Winter Star root
    ashes + ashes + ashes + mandrake root + Winter Star root
    Time/Cost to get: ~10min-1h/1-1.5k

    T2 Health regen
    example recipes:
    Crystallized magic + primordial dust + primordial dust + Quicksilver + Treant sap - It's 50/50% formula because of Rule 1 reference (T1 can override T2)
    Time/Cost to get: 2-4h/25-30k

    The recipe for health regeneration is ten times, if not hundreds, harder to get. I highly doubt level 2 enchantments were planned to be this difficult.
    How it should work:
    Treant sap reagent 10% drop rate -> 50% drop rate. This will allow to get T2 regen enchant in 1-2 hours. But still more expensive than T2 mana. 4-10k

    Another recipe with Hardened Skin 1.5% from Mountain trolls.
    3x Winter Star root + primordial dust + Hardened Skin
    This is 100% guarantee recipe Hardened Skin (1.5% from Mountain trolls)
    Time/Cost to get: 1.5-3h/~25-35k

    How it should work:
    Hardened Skin drop chance: 1.5% -> 8-15%

    I have enchanted many dozens of things and tried many different combinations. Used hint sites and in-game hints. Cost/time of T2 health regen enchantment is unreasonably high -> subject to change

    Winter Star Root obviosly to easy to get and is super popular in T2 / T1 enchants. Should be nerfed.

    That's all for today about enchanting tweaks, thank you!

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    Hardened troll skins should definitely be more common.


    As there will be more and more reagents I think no point to discuss this now.

    T2 is always first choince if you have uniqe combination e.g. you won't recieve mana regen T1 if you fulfill T2.

    If you fulfill any other enchant tier should not matter and you should gry random.

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    @Jacenson Agreed

    A given Enchantment Path, you always get the highest Tier for that Path, IE if you qualify for T1, and T2 of Mana Regen(obviously, as T2 is just T1 but harder to qualify for) you get T2. However, if you qualify for T2 say Mana Regen, and T1 Bonus Mana let's say, then it should be random. Also, always consider the piece your enchanting, as if it has a similar Material enhancement, then it isn't possible to re-enchant with the same...so you can't put Bonus Luck on Rabbit Wool Armor, or a Rabbit's Foot Necklace, because it already has Bonus luck from the Material.

    I like the Random Elements...it makes one look for Enchant Recipes that are more exclusive to the Enchant they want by seeking out possibly rarer combinations.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    1. T1 mana regen can override T2 mana regen on your armor.
    2. I will say it again, may be you did not read carefully

    You are farming very rare reagent. 4 Spawns on a map that you can control, 10 mins respawn. 10% to drop reagent needed for t2 regen enchant.

    To recieve 5 enchants on each of your armor piece and amulet you need 25

    So math:
    25 * 10% - 250 in average to kill.
    4 in 10 minutes.
    24 in hour.
    240 in 10 hours.
    So, you need 10 hours real time to farm reagents (the core reagent)

    And now imagine, that to ehcnant armor with health regen T2 you need to win 50/50 chance.
    10 hours of farming could be wasted completely.

    even the most desperate lovers of random will burn out in this case, I guarantee

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    You sure of that? I've enchanted lots of sets in T2 mana regen, and never had a T1 mana regen pop up.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @spoletta I am sure of that because I wasted a lot of hours on that.
    I was just wondering, do you mean that if a T2 mana enchantment is applied, then maybe a T1 will come out? there is no such thing, of course, it cannot be, see the example from the picture, the enchants are different. What I am trying to explain.

    Crystallized Magic + 2x Primordial dust + quicksilver + Treant sap
    will give you in ~50% cases T2 Health regen and in ~50% will give you T1 mana regen

    Any T1-T2 ecnhant can Override your T1-T2 ecnhant

    how it should work:

    enchantments of a higher rank are always prioritized. For example, if there is T1 and T2 enchantment at once, T2 will always be applied.

    50 / 50 image


    Just go back to the more restrictive gem imbuing and socketing system.
    since you could only imbue certain enchants on certain gems you had no real problem with unwanted enchantment overlap and in the rare case where there is overlap you have not permanatly damaged your equipment, just wasted a gem and the reagents.
    Then you take the gems with the enchantments you want and put them into the equipment, thus getting what you want.
    This would also create a market, and demand, for pre-enchanted gems made by crafters which people could buy and socket instead of having to go to all the extra busy work and RNG of enchanting a piece of equipment.

  • I'd like to see the seasons eventually effect the reagent sources and their availability/drop rates.. This would allows the devs to take things in and out of focus/favor for periods of time.. adjust drop rates.. balance enchantments, etc..

    Each enchant has a few "BIS" combinations, some "better" than others.. This would keep players on their toes, allow values of reagents to rise and fall with availability and keep the market exciting. It seems like the game is close with all these complimentary systems but they just need to pin in on the back of the roadmap for a later date and make this a reality.

    Depth, variety, market impact, and logical complexity all packed in to an already great system.

  • @Bullen

    It's giving me a headache reading all you said but no you cannot have T1 mana regen override T2 mana regen XD As long as you have 5 of each 'thing' it will be T2, if you have less it will be T1.

    What can happen is a T1 of a completely different enchant can override a T2>

    So e.g I had it with Luck t1 overriding T2 Crit chance or damage - happened to me a few times, was annoying

    as for HP Regen VS Mana regen - I am actually in the process of grinding mats for T2 HP Regen, and I fully understand why it's so hard.

    Did you know with verdant regrowth you can get 100HP regen/s?

    do you think it should be easy to get that? 🙂

  • @Vortech That's actually a pretty amazing suggestion because it would actually cycle players around the map during certain seasons so there would be seasonal areas where pvpers could find potential targets.

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