Campfires should not allow you to respec

  • Fairly straightforward.

    Campfires are extremely easy to make and make preparations entirely pointless; one does not need to prepare oneself for an expedition in the wild or to kill certain mobs, one simply needs 10 stone and 5 branches and voilà!, you can respec to your heart's desire. Face a mob with fire resistance? No problem, instantly swap to cold damage.

    It especially makes a mockery of chests when you can simply spec for combat, get to a chest, make a campfire, respec and lockpick away. What's the point of even having lockpicking in the game if people can just respec to it in five seconds and then take it out ten seconds later?

    Campfires should be limited to bringing your energy back and cooking food. For everything else, you should seek permanent fireplaces.


    @Ulfnaor last test there was no respec and it was a sh*t show, the all exploration part of the game is worth nothing if you can't respec.
    please do not offer stuff that you do not understand about them, and didn't do a good research on forum beforehand.


    And its a one week cool down isnt it? For attributes anyway

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    @DarthJafo They are talking about respec'ing Skills and Talents, I believe (may be wrong)

    @Ulfnaor > They started with the respect of Talents/Skills on campfires, then when cities were introduced for players, they took it away. A portion of the testers were in an uproar about it, and another portion loved the new system. Either way, this is the first time they have gone back to respec at campfires and again, your getting a split of the community. I bet if everyone voted, you would probably end up with a pretty even split, in fact. It is just a fact that as many people that don't like the respec, do. It is purely a matter of tastes.

    Me, personally, I liked respec in towns/homes only, not campfires, but at least the Purple Perma-damage isn't healed at campfires and you have to go to town/home for that.

    As an argument FOR respec at campfires (playing Devil's Advocate) This way you can spec for a trip through an area you know has one type of mob, get to a raid area, and respec for that raid. This is what a lot of raiding guilds seem to want.


    That's not really a respec is it? You simply create a new preset, all your points are refunded and you make a new one.

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    Something midway? You can't make or alter presets but you can switch them at campfires?


    That would probably be ok.


    @spoletta no! no more, the game already was changed so much from what that was promise to take care a vocal minority, this is why houses are now connected to city's, witch is a stupid decision. and finely we got back campfire, not fully like it was in the past, but at least not game breaking like no respec. so no! do not change campfire anymore!

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    @grofire It's all going to come down to how vocal each side is on this issue.

    Personally, I like only changing presets at towns, but as @spoletta suggests, just preventing the creation of new Presets in the wild would be an okay compromise. This way, if you want to set up a new 'build' you got to go to a home or town, but if you just want to swap between your standard builds you keep on tap, that's fine. You get 5 skill and 5 talent presets, that is a lot of mix-and-matching to work with. Combine it with gear and you can do a lot of different things.

    I'm primarily a solo player, so I get where your coming from in regards to not wanting to be too town dependant, but for things like making new presets, a quick run into the starter towns should suffice. You still have to go into towns to get rid of purple buildup on your lifebar anyway.


    @GamerSeuss you seems to not understand the reason behind it... if there is no respec in campfire they can remove campfire all together, there is no point to explore in the game...
    not only they should leave this like this, they should allow campfire remove 1 purple bar every hour, and change the concept of city's back to what it was in the past, while it was possible to get a house with no connection to a city....
    making any change to worse the campfire, is just ignorance.

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    @grofire Most seem to have no real trouble exploring?

    They didn't seem to have any problem in the last couple Alphas either, when Campfires only healed up (but not your purples)

    You can explore quite a lot of the continents with just using campfires for spot healing and mana recovery. I don't know about you, but really, I rarely change out my presets anyway, and I think most are the same. They choose the preset for the mob they intend to hunt, and anything along the way they aren't 100% optimized against, but they do just fine.

    The point is to not always be optimized. Sometimes, you need to work for your mob killing.

    Respec at campfires rubs many the wrong way and makes it feel like the game is in far too easy mode.

    I see the appeal for some, but it is not universal by any means, and it definitely doesn't stop anyone from exploring. Might make it so you don't want to, but shoot, most games don't even have a Respec feature at all and people do just fine.


    @GamerSeuss ya only half of the only 500 who played the alfa, is most for you? i told you already that your a fanboy, but now i just think your a troll... i seen zero good answer from you... and while you talked a lot, of your MMO experience, it seems that you always back the way that other games failed in the past...
    while i have no intention to disrespect you, but im at a point that im not sure that your not just a troll.

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    I will admit a lot of games failed in the past. A lot of games also succeeded.

    UO was the first major MMO out there, and it can still be played
    EverQuest is by far MY favorite, and one I first Betatested back in the 90s, and it is still around. I still play on the Mischief Progressive server.
    The point of bringing up those games wasn't because of their failures, but because of the fact it proves the point that you can in fact explore without any kind of Respec ability.

    YES, Fractured Online was sold on the concept of being able to Respec often, using the Preset Feature, but that doesn't mean you need to be able to do it on the fly out in the wild. Yes, for those who want to customize on the fly, it is nice, but it is by no means essential.

    I am a Fan of Dynamight Studios, I won't lie about that, but I am not a Fanboy. I don't think everything they do is automatically right. I am majorly opposed to the current handling of Recipes, for instance. I also realize that they are still Beta-testing and so a lot of things are going to be tried, and some are bound to fail, and some will succeed, or need tweaking.

    As to your claim that half of the 500 people who played the Alpha(with ph, not an F) I don't know where your getting your numbers, and I am okay with that, but if half have no problem, then that still proves you can explore just fine without campfire respecs. I said before, some want it, some don't...and I even said somewhere that I did think the split was somewhere in the 50/50 range, so your only supporting, not disproving my thesis.

    I hate trolls, but I won't take offense, as I can sense your frustrations and I'll try to be understanding of that.

    You just want the game one way, and there are some who agree with you, but you do need to realize that your vision, just like my vision, is not the only vision of the game.

    The game, as it stands now, is very solo friendly. It is very PvE friendly as well. Syndesia, especially, is still in flux, but I am liking most of what I'm seeing.

    Campfire respec, to ME and those like ME, is a bit much. Will it kill the game to make it permanent, NO. Will I rage-quit over it, by no means. I'll even take advantage of the ability while it is available, so as to properly and completely test the system, but my preference is still that it go back to towns only.

    I also am one of the ones that has been quite vocal(if you look at posts from a couple years ago, earlier Alphas) about not being mandated to play in a group. Just because an MMO has the world Multi-Player in it doesn't mean it is just for those who want to Guild, and I'm that way (although I do have a small personal Guild, and I did join a bigger guild for the Alphas and Beta) but there are the starter towns you can Respec at. Also, I think Residences are a fine compromise between having to be a Citizen, and getting a Private plot.

  • @grofire

    First, I do not care how long you have backed this project. You could be Jacopo's towel boy for all I care. The fact of the matter is that I have paid to play this game and I am playing this game. Devs want feedback from players.

    How the game was a year ago has no impact whatsoever. What matters is how the game is right now and our feedback to it. Having played some pre-pre-alpha version of this game does not make you word sacred. Your opinion is worth exactly the same as mine is; with the caveat that mine is at least backed by general thoughts on how to improve game design while yours is mostly "we had that before, me likie, you no agree, you no smart".

    You'll have to deal with the fact that the game will continue to change from when you first experienced it in pre-alpha. Seriously.

    Second, exploring can be just as easily done by hitting a city along the way to regenerate health lost and respec. There is no good argument for a full ability + skill respec in the middle of the wilderness; hell, virtually no MMOs allow for unlimited skill+ability respecs, much less for nothing and in the middle of nowhere. The reason for that is that it massively cheapens choices, dumbs down the game and makes it a lot more casual and easy.

    See an ice elemental? Instantly make a campfire and two seconds later, poof, fire spells. Fire elemental? Pull that in reverse. This mob happens to resist a spell or two? No problem, disengage and just adjust your ability list.

    The campfire, as it stands, replenishes your energy - which is important if you got abilities making use of that - and allows you to cook in the wild. As they expand cooking, I do expect this latter element will become more important as well. That's plenty for a "craft it on the spot with 10 rocks and 5 branches" type of craft.

    @spoletta A compromise might be to allow preset changes every hour? That way, the powerful campfire lovers would still get to keep their powerful campfire and it'd alleviate the most egregious "I respec every 30 seconds" cases?


    @Ulfnaor lol dude your word worth less then mine, not because i paid before you, because we had all this argument 3 tests before, they came back to this, because it was bad design and most people didn't like it, unlike @GamerSeuss trying to suggest...
    your word worth less just because your ignorant to the past, you didn't read past post before you come here and post your feedback right ? you probably think your the first person who talk about this subject... so no, your a the new kid on the block, i suggest use the search button and read the past post before suggest things that was already tested and hashed again and again.

  • @grofire No, I did follow this game's development for about a year and a half and been following the forums. I don't think I'm the first person to suggest this; I just make suggestions and feedback based on the game that is in front of my eyes, rather than live in the past.

    Moreover, enough with the argumentum ad populum. You represent yourself, a guy whose opinions are no more important than anyone else, not some muted crowd of older players who are conveniently sided with you.

    Devs are asking for feedback. Which includes feedback on every element of the game. There is no "well, me and my bois consider that this matter has been solved because we happened not to like it when they touched it five months ago 😞 😞 ". There's only the game as it is and the feedback we give on it.


    Changing to a different preset really only amounts to the following. For a mage it really just means reading his spellbook for a couple hours to memorize the spells he wants to change to. Now, unlocking a new ability (or spell) with a new talent point would require deeper study and so need a fireplace

    The other classes already now how to do their other skills and thus, they aren't really changing anything.


    @Ulfnaor some came here 4 years ago for the promise of one game, and after they paid and paid a lot, when the game was not even sure it will workout, the developers changed it because of vocal minority such as your self, today this game have less then what it was promised then the pre alfa test. this is not what i and many other paid for, well before you even knew there was a game like this! you want albion look a like? just go play that game.


    From videos ive watched of Albion its remarkably similar

  • @grofire I want a game that works. You weren't promised a game. Get over yourself. The game evolves.

    What you bought into, if you backed the Kickstarter, was the possibility of a game the way they envisioned it back in 2018. There was no guarantee it'd actually be made, nor were there any guarantee the game would be set in stone. No games are actually set in stone. Do you think WoW in 2022 is the same as 2005? Should a player who bought the game in 2005 because it was a certain way sue them now that it's different?

    Get real.

    Also, I'm not looking for an Albion lookalike and have no idea why "removing respecs from wilderness campfires" would equal "THIS IS NOW ALBION OMG". You're entering delusional territory.

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