Smelting is tedious

  • Please let us be able to drop the resources that are stored right into the smelters, like the coal and ore. Having to do it one by one five times is a pain in the ass

    Make it work like how it does with wooden planks.

    Also 1 ingot per 5 ore... How about at least 2?

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    They are trying to build in more timesinks, and resource sinks, not reduce them, so I doubt they will adjust this.

  • And the fact that I have to put in one ore and coal at a time is not a Time sink it's very tedious

    This is a quality of life saying here. Most of us have full-time jobs and don't have much playtime last thing I want to do is spend 20 minutes trying to load smelters


    Instead of chopping trees i'd like to just pull up next to it and have a team of gremlins hop out and cut it for me. j/k

    I'll agree with the tedium of moving items from a wagon, to well anything. What i'd like to see, and its a very simple fix because it already exists in game is for transfer to work like it does with chests.

    Have the wagon inventory open, and the storage object of choice open and either just right click to move, or even drag and drop. Even if i pull the wagon right next to it the task of manually going from one object to the other is unnecessary. Even if it is slightly realistic


    I agree that picking up, loading, unloading, storaging, etc. Heavy materials is mainly tedious, time consuming and also unrewarding. On top of that these functions are clunky and primarily only one click is not enough to get things done. Moreover, you do not progress in anyway doing these activies because no KP, or because gathering and refining progession systems aren't available. IF (I am not convinced) developers really think that they need to sink time for these activities then at least make them somehow bareable. For example, let us unload the whole chart inventory with just one click and add a timer so it will take X seconds / item.

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