[Prestige] Towns prestige is stucking, decaying and counting wrong

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    Our town Prestige stucks at 1000, so we can't rank up over rank 7.
    I don't know, if this is intended or what exactly is wrong, but once we reached 1000 Prestige no prestige is added anymore.
    We have several public buildings that counts each 100 Prestige.
    Adding one more don't add 100 to the towns Prestige.
    A small house we have on one of our personal claims within the town, it should count 50.
    The Storage Bins should not give prestige anymore, that I understand, even it gave in the past 50 each.
    But however I count the placed buildings, I never can do the math to 1000.

    At the Picture, the two blue marked buildings i added, first the Storage, where we didn't got Prestige, as expected.
    Then a second Statue, but again no added Prestige.
    The red marked one is the small house, that should count 50.

    If I just count the buildings without the blue marked ones and without the storages, it should have 1050 and not 1000.
    After building the second Statue, it should have at least 1150.

    Edit: additional screenshot of the town overview:

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    Yesterday (before the patch) one of our Citizen was building a house, 100 Prestige worth. Our Town Prestige was indeed raising to 1100 with that.

    Today I was looking to the townhall and we are again just at 1000 Prestige.
    We stuck for this reason again at Rank 7.

    Town FarFarAway, todays statistic:

    Blue Plot was added when we had 1000 Prestige, a Rustic 4x4 L shaped house, 100 Prestige worth.

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    A new Update:
    We built 3 new houses on new intown Playerhouses.
    Each of them are 4x4 L Shaped houses, worth 100 Prestige.
    An hour ago we had 1300 Prestige, now i am looking to the townhall and there are just 1225 left:


    All in all the town has:

    • Townhall

    • Tavern

    • Bank

    • Marketplace

    • 3x Shrine

    • Workshop

    • Tailor

    • Blacksmith

    • Carpenter

    • Magic Shop

    • and 4 Playerhouses 4x4 L Shaped

    (the small house earlier mentioned got abandoned to get moved to a bigger plot)

    We should have at least 1400 Prestige now.
    Count is 1225.


    So I am keeping on this as well but we have some to add. Zenith was having this same issue, and we decided to test plots outside city walls and inside city walls. We have been stuck at 1000 for a while. I bought a plot outside city walls placing down a 3x3 which according to the blueprint should add 75 prestige:

    After building the house we stayed at 1000 Prestige. We then decided to place down a 4x4 personal plot inside the city walls and built that which should give 100 prestige according to blueprint:

    After we built that up we ran back to the city hall and checked and our prestige was now at 1100:

    After we did that we built the siege workshop which should also increase the prestige by 100:

    In the time it took to build that our 1100 degraded to 1030 and our Residents dropped to 9 but the prestige from the siege workshop was there.

    So we decided to test again and see if a dupilcate 4x4L building inside city walls under someone elses' plot would work for prestige! After placing the blueprint down for 4x4L building we checked city management and we were still at 9 residents but our prestige was down to 1100:

    After we built the 4x4L our prestige jumped to 1200 but stayed at 9 residents. We are going to keep an eye on whether the prestige degrades or not, if it does then it has to do with personal plots inside the city walls no longer counting as residents. I will edit this message with the update on whether or not it degrades.


    @Kralith I took this screenshot slightly more than 4 and 1/2 hours ago. So as can be seen we have all of the same buildings from my screenshot to yours but the prestige has gone down. Definite proof of a bug!


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    A new update today:

    We have now 7 plots with 4x4 L Shaped houses, that should give 700 Prestige in summary.

    With the 1000 of public buildings we should have 1700 in summary.
    But we just have 1475:


    it seems that plots outside the city aren't giving any prestige. taxes yes, but not prestige


    Have confirmed we have 10 public buildings, 2 4x4L houses, and 1 2x2 house. Our prestige should be 1275 yet it is only 1200. We are going to test building up new houses today (a 3x3 and a 2x2) as well as another 4x4 with patio. At the same time we noticed 5x5 personal plots are not able to be placed.

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    @DarthJafo said in [Prestige] FarFarAway Towns prestige is stucking and counted wrong:

    it seems that plots outside the city aren't giving any prestige. taxes yes, but not prestige

    Yes, it was always just inner town buildings that gives town prestige.
    In Alpha you even could build public buildings more times and it gave for each the Prestige, now a building type just counts once.
    That means you will need many Playerplots and give the order to them to build a house on them, if possible the one with most prestige.
    That also means, people who build in the inner town are not free in their decision what they build on their own personal plot.

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    @NovaRift said in [Prestige] FarFarAway Towns prestige is stucking and counted wrong:

    At the same time we noticed 5x5 personal plots are not able to be placed.

    Yes i noticed too, but we should make an own Report about that, or using the old one. πŸ˜‰


    @Kralith said in [Prestige] FarFarAway Towns prestige is stucking and counted wrong:

    @NovaRift said in [Prestige] FarFarAway Towns prestige is stucking and counted wrong:

    At the same time we noticed 5x5 personal plots are not able to be placed.

    Yes i noticed too, but we should make an own Report about that, or using the old one. πŸ˜‰

    Haha yeah, I just snuck it in so that there is multiple proofs of it. Thanks for linking the old one, I am going to record some proof of it and upload it to the old one. It also sucks that this is an issue because obviously the 5x5 will give us the best prestige in houses (minus the 3x3 T but I believe that also has to be placed on a 5x5)

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    Small update from today.
    We builded up some houses meanwhile, and we grow in prestige and drop after a while again. Just totally random.
    We have now 13 Player Houses, 4x4 L Shape for 100 Prestige each, means we have should get from these 1300 + the 1000 from public buildings we should have 2300.
    But we just have 1725. Even less than yesterday, when @GorTavaro ranked up to Rank 11, because we had over 1800. These over 1800 i saw in the morning too, and during the day it got decreased again:

  • Hello heroes,

    The issue of Prestige behaving strangely has been forwarded to the developers.

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    @LordSkykal Thank you Mister Sky πŸ™‚

  • I just wanted to add our name to the party, Braavos has been suffering from a prestige issue like this for while now as well. Early on we notified who we could and submitted our bug reports.. etc. etc. Recently the issue has become much more aggressive as the prestige slips backwards what seems like immediately. Our progress has been hampered by this issue, but in the past we were able to overcame it by coordinating the completion of new builds with a rank upgrade.

    We feel we've hit a ceiling now, as we no longer can bump our displayed prestige faster than it drops. New building placement is seemingly costing us prestige right now. At this time our true prestige is 1,670 but our town hall only displays a prestige of 1,200. Yesterday during the placement of a new building the displayed prestige actually dropped down to 1,100 until the building was completed where it returned to the previous display value of 1,200. We gained no additional display prestige and slipped further back in regards to the delta between display prestige and true prestige since we increased it with a new building. 😲

    In total it looks like 5 towns are suffering from some sort of prestige calculation issues. The conquered town of La Ruche displays 300 prestige while only a market remains. The newer hamlet of The Shire features a tavern and a bank worth a total of 200 prestige yet their displayed prestige value is 400. The others effected are Braavos as I mentioned, Far Far Away as this thread is dedicated to, and Sparta on the Aerhen continent. @Kralith has been a great support comparing notes regarding this issue. Now that it has been publicly recognized by support here I chose to add to this thread rather than make another.

    It's imperative these prestige issues are ironed out before any raid or siege mechanics are returned to the game. Legacy towns suffering from upgrade issues deserve a fair amount of time to upgrade their defenses just like those who have been able to upgrade without issue.



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    While FarFarAway already suffered decaying of Prestige, from over 1800 the one evening where we ranked up to Rank 11 to the next evening to 1725 again, now after the patch the prestige is droped even more and we not even would have enough for Rank 8.
    The real value should be almost the 2600, that we would need for Rank 15.


    Nothing about prestige fixes in this update. But hey, good news, you can get warm or cold now


    4-26.png 4-24.png

    As you can see I added the dates I took these screen shots to the images. In just the two days between these images we lost 320 prestige despite the fact that we added a building. That additional building should have raised us another 100 so we in fact lost 420 prestige in those two days.

    Yes, I know that @LordSkykal has forwarded this issue to the developers but I have to wonder if they realize just how big an issue city leaders find this to be? Do they think that because we don’t lose the levels that we already have that they can wait to fix it? We are trying to reach level 15 so that we can utilize all of the tech available. To see it become impossible to do this is heartbreaking. For the city of Far Far Away it has now become impossible to reach even level twelve. This is not a backburner bug; it is a city breaking problem!

  • For anyone that has not seen, @Prometheus says prestige will be temporarily removed as a requirement to upgrade cities while they work on a proper fix.


    I was going to share how we also lost more than ever before after completing more houses yesterday.. But now it is a mute point.


    @Vortech I shared before the hot fix and was really hoping that something would be done when they fixed the trees. I was so angry last night when I saw how much we had lost and realized that we, and others, would never reach level 15. I am so glad that we were finally heard and that something is being done about it.

    I really do feel for the Dynamight team in that they will likely have to rewrite the code from scratch but this is a city breaking issue and should have been addressed before today. I do hope that they are able to get it done soon as I like the prestige factore in upgrading a city and it is going to be very strange without it. (better than broken though πŸ™‚

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