Patch Log - v.a.2.6.1

  • DymStudios - CEO

    The big patch of the Fall Alpha 2021 is here!


    • Plenty of talents that were flagged as "under implementation" are now implemented! Most of them either belonged to hybrid branches or were final talents of main branches.
    • The inventory of large chests is now... larger (6x9 instead of 5x9).
    • Memorizing a spell preset no longer removes spells currently assigned to the hotbar if they are part of the preset that's been memorized (i.e. no more re-assigning all spells to the hotbar because you've just changed one).
    • It is no longer possible to add items to one's inventory if the resulting carry weight would go above 200% of the maximum carry weights of a character.
    • Several game messages have been polished and/or changed to appear only above the character's head and not in the chat.

    Bug Fixes

    • Winning a raid as attackers now correctly awards the attacking city with an amount of gold and food equal to what is required to level the victim city up to its current rank. Please note that if you successfully raid a city, you are always rewarded: if the raided city didn't have enough food or gold stored, it doesn't lose stored resources but it loses 1 rank (that's where your reward is taken from)!
    • Siege banners now have the correct amount of HP and resistances (they are way more resistant).
    • Young players can no longer join a siege.
    • The Single Weapon Style talent now correctly gives +25 Evasion and +1.5% Damage instead of +25 Accuracy and +25% Damage (!!!).
    • The native property Critical Damage now correctly increases... critical damage 🙂
    • Creature abilities in the Book of Knowledge are now visible even if it's not possible to unlock them yet.
    • Some placeholder texts related to raids have been corrected.
    • Launching a new siege after concluding one no longer makes a buggy popup appear.
    • When the owner of a land parcel within a city destroys its house, that now correctly take away Prestige from the city.
    • House walls now correctly block light from light sources within them and still cast shadows when hidden.

  • Wiki Editor

    Thanks for the changes.
    I saw more than you had in the Patchnotes 😉


    I am sad to see the carry weight foolishness be finally patched, but it is good that was done !
    Thanks for the bug fixes !


    Thanks for the hard work 😉

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