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    In the previous alpha, I was against the idea of being able to use the consumables directly from the inventory. With the previous memory system, it made sense that having consumables on the bar was a way to offset having low memory. With this new memory system though, you need all your skill slots.
    At the same time though, using items from inventory still feels wrong. You open the game to the use of macros and stuff that in general don't make the game a better place. But you can't really avoid players using things like herbal remedies. You would simply keep getting killed every time you get poisoned. That's not really feasible.

    There was a proposal at a certain point to have a second skill bar dedicated to consumables which now I think makes a lot of sense.

    Just 2 slots initially. It then increases in slots with the enchants of the armor.
    With this implemented, you can safely prevent any use of items from the backpack (except food).
    I'm counting on the fact that from the next alpha we will have herbalism and medicine, so I expect many new consumables being introduced into the game, giving value to additional consumable slots.

    As an additional note regarding the herbal remedy. I still think that they are too powerful as a consumable. It simply completely removes the effects.
    Can we add some scaling to it? Consumables are supposed to scale on Constitution. Remedies could decrease the poison rank by 1/2/3/4 at 0/12/18/24 CON instead of outright removing it.


    I second this, we could even have a belt slot added with 1-3 consumable slots as gear maybe, which turns on a extra 'belt skillbar'.


    @spoletta Agree 100%.
    Using consumables is an essential part of the game even more with alchemy and herbalism like you said.
    Adding additional slots for consumables only is essential i think.

  • @spoletta Constitution would indeed use some love, so far it only scales CD of few defensive abilities and acts as PvE attribute. Making consumables CON dependant would be awesome.


    @asspirin hmm i think CON is OP, but whatever...

  • @munch It indeed was when it reduced CD of Shield block ability to 2s and offered immunity to poison.

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    @asspirin that's the intended role of CON. If you read its description, it says that it affects the consumables and indeed bandages scale with CON.

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    I can get behind this idea...especially with the Belt add on part of it. Different Belts could have different numbers of slots, and you can slot Bandages, Remedies, even food in them if you wish, although food could still be eaten from inventory directly

  • @spoletta I only own Adept copy of the game, so Im waitong for beta and much has changed from over year ago when I last played. Wiki is outdated too, so too bad 🙂 Thanks for info.

    Btw healing from bandages and similar stuff shouldnt imo be instant; it 100% should stop bleeding, but not heal me instantly. Not only it looks like magic, but considering one doesnt need mana to heal with bandages, it should have some downsides.

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