• I like everything about the development of this game I viewed, except click to move. Wearing out my mouse and more importunately, my fingers, is sadly distressing. Most action oriented MMO games employ wsad and/or controller movement to facilitate a more free flowing combat system, that eliminates stress on one particular digit. Admittingly, single player games still use ctm, which I viewed as a budget saving measure or the less open world nature of such games.

    Seriously, I am older and have played MMO's since Lands of Kesmai (1996) and have found click to move repetitive nature leads to tendonitis and possibly, repetitive hand disorders; while ignorned in youth, catches up as you age.

    Gaming systems that permit key assignments or contoller usage are far less stressing on players' hands. I doubt whether this game, as fabulous as it looks, can incorporate or even desire to do so, but such systems would be far better for physical well-being than ptc.


    This is an often revived topic, and there is no final answer.
    The general stance of the devs seems to be that wads/controller movement creates the ability to move while casting/attacking which sets up kiting situations or ranged/melee jink duels where avatars look like they have turrets syndrome as the players dodge auto attacks, skill shots, and buff/harm zones.
    They very much want skill shots and slower movement/combat.
    They seem to have set on click to move/attack as the way to go on this as it is the easiest to implement.
    It has been acknowledged that there are systems out there which would provide the desirable result and also allow wads/controller movement, but at this time the implementation / experimentation with such a system is low priority compared to the rest of the game.
    We hope that once the foundations of the game are set and in that the devs will have time to consider more complex, but more user friendly, movement systems.
    It is alpha and we test and work with what we have while holding trust in the devs.

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    There is actually a rather long thread over this very subject. It has been addressed on more than one occasion.

    The Devs have said that it is essential for the feel of the game they are going for that WASD movement is not added in. They which for a dynamic combat system where you are actively using the mouse to move and target in combat. They wish for no 'lock-on' mechanism, and they want the whole feel that combat is happening in this real time fashion where you can misstep towards an opponent by simply misclicking.

    The game is also not really in development for a console port at this time, so things like controllers are not a consideration either.

    The biggest thing, though, I believe, is that they want to prevent auto-macros/bot systems from automating the game play for someone to work the system, and key/controller assigned movement makes that so much easier to code. Mouseclick movement/combat makes it next to impossible to code a macro or bot to effectively automate combat.

    I've been playing MMOs since they came out as well, although I myself am only 50 (I started young) and I understand the concern over tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and it has also been brought up that the mouse movement will preclude certain players with disability from being able to enjoy the game, however, as much as inclusivity is a watchword in gaming and pretty much everything, nowadays, they also realize that not every game can be for every player, if you want to maintain diversity in the market. Fractured is meant to be unique in the MMO world, and as such, some things are lines in the sand.


    @GamerSeuss Are all ranged abilities skill-shot oriented, including auto attacks from a bow?

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    @LordGorgeous since there is no 'Lock On' system, I would assume so, although granted I have not utilized the bow much in my own testing so far.

    It would be a good idea to go over such potential powers descriptions when you get in the game for the next test as a Bowman to find out. I don't even know if they have an AutoAttack option from the bow...rather I think there are some auto-add effect skills, but again, I didn't really use any real bow abilities myself.

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    Bows have auto attacks and they are skill shots.

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    @spoletta thanks for that. Good someone who used a bow answered


    There is no good argument design-wise to force players into a specific control scheme. There's always a relatively easy and cheap way to work around any gameplay requirements such as casting or whatever in order to grant that freedom with controls.

    Whatever developers may say, it boils down to taking the time to do it and avoid being dogmatic over it.

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    If there is no good argument design wise, why one of the most succesful and long lasting game in history used this same control set without ever changing it or allowing alternatives in a dozen years? Why it's direct competitor followed the same control set without ever thinking about changing it to get an edge in the competition if it was such a good idea?

    Don't make this mistake. There definitely are good reasons for forcing a certain control set, especially one as old and tried as this one.

    This game's pvp aims to offer a MOBA like experience, so it uses MOBA like controls. That's all there is to it.

    Sure, this doesn't mean that there can't be changes at all to it. For example, a button for auto run would a very welcome feature for those 30 minute long trips. But straight up allowing WASD movement would change the game in such a deep way that I fear that we are never going to see it.

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    @HolyAvengerOne There are good reasons. You've already been given them.

    Yes, Accessability is something you can sacrifice much for, BUT you don't sacrifice the game itself for that. This is considered by the Devs to be an essential part of the game they have envisioned. Thus, this is something they don't change. They have already said they will probably add an auto-run feature for long treks, but they have also said that this movement system is intrinsic to the gameplay for Fractured and thus it stays, and other options in that regard aren't being considered.


    To add on to @GamerSeuss and @spoletta statements, and coming from the perspective of an Albion Online player, MOBA action and experience in regards to mouse controls has always felt more fluid from a top down MOBA like perspective. I feel that WASD control schemes do not offer the same range of movement from said perspective.

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