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  • I'm in my house. Have my work bench. Try to make a bow. Says "you need the skill manufacturing"
    What the heck is that and where can i get it?
    thanks for any info.

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    Manufacturing is a Skill unlocked on a City Tech Tree. Only within City Limits can you make a crafting bench that will have access to that skill. Private homes outside cities are limited in what they can make as they don't have access to Tech Trees

  • Wow that seems pretty ridiculous. Thank you for letting me know though. I guess the point of this is to only outfit zerg guilds with good weapons and armor eh?
    Totally lame.


    Does this favor larger guilds?



    not hard to realize that solo people and even small groups wont have access to some recipes.


    Any solo or small group can seek out a city with the tech they want and join it to get access to that tech by simply buying a residential plot outside of the city.
    Valhalla, Duath, sproketon, were all large successfull cities made up of solo or small groups.
    Right now there is no activity or player presence which is what you are runing into.

    Valhalla was specifically created by a number of small groups who decided to join together into a larger group just for the purpouse of claiming a city for small groups like them.
    They got one of the first 4? city spots on the map and by many scales, the best one for conducting pve activity in the shadow vale while also being very close to one of the starting locations.

  • @Jetah Umm ya i see that. So the answer is yes. You need 40 friends to succeed in this game. Thats really a shame. Sure hope they take my meager 5 man guild into account for this.


    Not at all.
    If your definition of success is to be able to make all the equipment and farm all the mobs then a small guild is better able to succeed than a large one.
    You can be a 5 man guild who each buy one house near the good pve or resource farming areas, get access to each of the 5 cities techs at the meager cost of 1 hour of gold coin farming a month without any need to bother with politics or worry about the safety of your holdings in your plots while cities can be raided or captured.
    Unlike players tied to one city -citizens- your 5 man group has more safe havens, more tech options, more space to craft and smelt, more access to resources and mobs.
    A large guild has to make trade deals for ore and food to get by, while a small guild can use their numerous locations to get access to all the ores they want them selves and never have to worry about paying 4000 meat for weekly upkeep.
    The only thing you cant do is craft excellent quality equipment (a 5% boost in gear stats), or farm crops (even then you can hunt for meat and sell it to the town so they can pay their upkeep).
    You also do not have to spend 5 hours to gather the wood and stone to build each of the city buildings that unlock tech for the entire region, not just the citizens.
    In many ways a small guild is more able to be successful through diversification and distribution than a large guild which is tied to one city.

    In the last test the minimum number of people to claim a city was 5. you know what happened? ghost towns and almost no player interaction.

    Having a max level city (15) requires 100 residents ! and we had 7 of them! -I think-
    There is no shortage of people to create cities and thus no shortage of places for smaller guilds to pick from to call home and get access to all the tech with none of the work.

    Small groups have more access to resources, crafting materials, mobs, and tech than large groups tied to cities.



    If it is onerous to own and upkeep a city, why not make an argument to minimize that with the development team? Why is it rural vs city play?

    The ideas in this post makes sense:


    Cost reward benefit in addition to the prestige of being able to say 'look at my giant ego'.
    People will spend inordinate amount of time, money, and energy on building ego monuments. How else could you explain games surviving only on cosmetic sales?

    The players who want to be part of a big team with big things which they have control over but have to (get to) defend against other big teams are plentiful enough to supply the city options for the more laid back or introverted players to get the free ride.

    There is no versus. They both need and benefit from each other.
    The cities need to attract smaller groups and individual players to increase their size (through residents) and tech to allow them to better defend the city from other cities or large groups. They do have the freedom to choose a city location, but with the population we saw in the game at the peak this can be competitive.
    The residents need the city to provide the tech but also have the freedom to choose from any of the many cities established by the big groups and also move between them with little cost.

    Both win.

    I repeat:
    You are seeing the messages of 'you need XXXX tech to craft' only because the game is at a low player activity and population phase.
    Jump into the next alpha 3 days after the start and you will have your pick of which city you want to join which offers all the crafting tech you want because the hundreds of players who like to be part of something larger will have put in 20 hour days to grind the shit out of the trees, stones, mobs (for gold coins), animals (for meat), just so they can say they have the first/biggest/fastest/shinyest ego symbol and soon be bribing, wooing, or hunting other individual or small group players to join them with offers of free money, gear, etc...


    I won't argue that there are egos in games and developers placate to them. I disagree on one important point, it is not a win/win or a "both win" as you put it. I think creating a format where higher tier weapons can be created inside a city vs outside is bad game mechanics. Which is why I am here, pointing it out. I explained it in detail in my linked post. I understand the server is empty atm so the current process or gameplay is not representative of what might be or what could be. I have considered those in my thought process. There are many players like myself that appreciate and value independence from the zerg. Currently, I do not believe the current rule set provides that.

    Another scenario. If myself and 4 others set up housing outside city limits near a city that is ranked up and provides all of the necessary requirements for high tier weapons and armor, including allowing our citizenship. Then, at some point the authoritarian governor and his minions go afk for life or revokes our citizenship. Do we relocate our chests full of weapons, armor, enchant regs, gold, items and our housing plots because we want to be able to craft formidable weapons and armor? Or do we keep our plots and travel 25 minutes to the next available city that accepts our citizenship every time we want to craft some weapons or armor? I foresee a huge problem because outside forces interrupting gameplay for many people simply because of flawed game mechanics. I have only been playing the game for a week, so if there is a scenario I am not seeing, please help. A persons time/investment in the game could be at the whim of a 19 year old Maoist Governor?



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    @FLeaLoD One variation on the Tech Tree upgrade scheme is if a City upgrades their Tech Tree, then those outside City Limits who have resident plots attached to a city can benefit from the upgraded Tech Tree.

    Now, so new players no, Residents are NOT citizens, so the Governors cannot evict them, or control them in any real way. The only thing the Governors get out of Residents is they help make the Qualifications for City Upgrading, and the Governor gets a portion of the cost to buy your plot. The main other risk is if a city downgrades and loses its Tech Tree levels, thus you lose your access to higher level crafting, but most Cities will fight to maintain at least that, barring getting taken over by Sieges...AND Residents don't lose their plots if a Siege is lost, unlike Citizens, so you can go on with a new City Owner after a Siege is over, still reaping the benefits of the city's Tech Tree upgrades.

    This is just one Schema, however, and they have played back and forth with how this works. The majority of the Governors are trying to get more power over Resident plots, so if they Siege a city and win, they can evict people and move their own Guildies/Allies in to the plots outside City limits (because inside plots are at a premium) and also they don't like the fact that their enemies could be Residents outside their city and gaining from their largess


    I have been reading old posts as much as time permits. I am trying to get as informed as possible. This kind of explanation is awesome. Thanks GamerSeuss! That is a positive. I read some of the debate on a prior post regarding crafting and the city system. You make some great points here. I agree with you 100%.

    I don't sweat the small stuff, but not being able to craft higher tier weapons and armor out of a dwelling is a huge decision for the game developers. People that build outside city limits (like me), will be heavily reliant on the capability of their respective Governor. I imagine it will not be easy (for small groups or soloers), nor very safe to pick up and move to the outskirts of another city if you find out your Governor is incompetent. And, if cities are easy enough to maintain regardless of incompetence, why then have this rule altogether?

    Thanks again for your constructive thoughts.



    It has never been said that you cannot craft higher tier weapons and armor from a dwelling than you could from the city you are attached to.
    If the city can craft it then you can also craft it as a resident living outside of the city.

    I repeat: the only thing you cannot do is craft Exceptional quality items which only have a 5% stat boost over Good quality items which you can make.
    For this 5% boost the city has to build a separate crafting specialty building the size of your entire plot eating lots of resources, time, and valuable space.
    AND if you get citizenship then you have access to them too.

    If the city can craft tower shields with oriclaicum (Tier 4 alloy) metal, then so can you.

    Due to the value of cities as: safe locations, resource stores, and tech suppliers any city that goes dormant will be easily conquered by any rag tag temporary group of 20 people at which point they retain all the shiny things in the city but kick out any people who were living inside the city walls (the afk citizens). This means that there will be little to no effect on the residents. Read the siege rules posted in news.



    Okay, thank you. It may have been a lack of reading comprehension on my part, but I was under the impression that those living in unincorporated parts of a territory could NOT craft the same tier items as those at a city crafting station. (Only exception: Exceptional Quality)

    Not a fan, but it is easier to swallow that the entire territory is affected by rank. That there is not this arbitrary difference between a city crafting station and a rural crafting station.

    I appreciate the clarification.


  • @FLeaLoD Good conversations on this for sure.
    I do think there is more of a creative resolution to this conversation which could easily be that there is a flat tax gold fee for crafting outside of major cities, and or a reduction of smelters for example on out of city parcels. I think straight up limiting what you can produce in your house due to a lack of leveling in a city just doesnt make a lot of sense.
    Or maybe housing outside of city limits is charged a fee that can be delivered to the govenor of the area.
    Just a few ideas. Anyway good think banter.

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