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    Hello, fellow adventurers and dear Fractured developers!
    I have an idea. Maybe some players have already discussed that option, but can we have an ability to turn off the armour visibility? It's like you still equipped with the set of your choice but you can also disable the visibility of particular armour part (hands, head, body, or every part!) and it will be still equipped and active.

    Thank you for the answers in advance!

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    They wouldn't go for that. The visual representation of the armor is a clue as to if someone is equiped or a noob on a corpse run. It also shows what level armor they have, which is easily identified.


    As an add on to what @GamerSeuss said, Fractured claims to be an open world PvP game (on one of it's planets) where player skill is involved in combat. A good sign of that is the little sigil that serves as visual indicator of what somebody is casting, so that the opponent has a chance to counteract. Similarly, the armor is also a visual indicator of how to approach combat against an opponent, which is why you shouldn't be able to hide it.


    @AliEf What we do get for sure, are armour skins (already part of the Foundation rewards and Kickstarter packs).

    Besides that depending on how it will look at the end, having the option to turn off items like cape, head and feet gear would be welcomed by me, as it gives you more choices to your looks in general and I can't imagine a Erwydra with a helmet on right now. Beastmen in general should be able to walk barefeeted anyway.

    @GamerSeuss is right, about having the option to identify if a player is wearing light, medium or heavy armour. Armour skins will change depending on the "underlying" armour. How this will work if the player is wearing a mix of different types, I have no clue yet. Most likely based on the body piece or the most average type of your chosen mix.


    Hopefully skins match up to the type that is worn. Otherwise we already have some skins that can confuse players as to what you actually have equipped.

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    There are games where you have a lot of customization on armor skins.
    One that comes to mind is Guild Wars 2, which went really TOO far on that, since now you have heavy armors looking like naked guys and light armors all plates and spikes.
    I'm on the side voting for armor appearance reflecting its actual "weight class", and making an armor piece invisible (even if I understand the visual need in some beauty contest) would go against the technical need to know what the enemy is wearing when fighting.

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