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    paying good money and having to spend the evening starring at the queue is not cool

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    There's usually been queue/login issues on alpha launches for Fractured (and other games) that's happened in pretty much every alpha so far. One of the alpha's I wasn't able to log into it for about three days, and then the issue was fixed. While it's exciting, it's not going to make or break this alpha release for you, or it shouldn't anyway. This alpha is going to last a month, in my experience a lot of people stop playing it after about 1-2 weeks when they hit knowledge cap/exploration/gear/etc.


    This is Alpha, they are not going to throw money at mega servers, it is better spent on development.


    Why are people upset about a post complaining about broken servers. It's a problem and complaints from the player base should be expected.


    @Stacy555 lol cope.

  • There is a reason why they are running alpha i havent played today but I heard of some big bugs and server isssues. So why not take it down for a bit get the fixes and then put it back up. A lot of the time they will add extra time back onto the alpha when its something bad enough so everyone still has time to playtest.

    Its hard to complain about a alpha when you know it will be buggy and they have to take servers off if its not hotfixable. thats just a part of a game that isnt completely made yet.


    @djbaybokchoy said in Power up your servers:

    @Stacy555 lol cope.

    I have no clue what this means ???

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    @MarkoWeirdo Usually, they want to get a good 24 hrs or so of data before taking down the server for a fix, unless the problem is something drastic that is really affecting play, like 90% of characters not getting in the game period or locking up.

    If there is a log-in queue of 100 people, that isn't considered severe really...in fact, that bodes quite well for the game, as it shows we have a large portion of the player base trying to get in from day 1.

    A couple tests ago, they had a major server reset kind of bug and did take down the alpha server, and it was like 3 days down/wasted effort while they fixed it, BUT really, was that time wasted, if it identified major issues before the game went live? I think not. they extended that test out more than a month to compensate too.

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    @Rabenfeder Powering up the Server won't fix yesterdays problem.
    The Server was going crazy in reason for some bug in the code. That caused the never ending login queue.
    Such things happens in an Alpha, thats the cause game studios doing Alphas 😉

    Usually you maybe have some login queue at the first hour of the game, when all want to login at same time, but that is fast over.

    Also, they use a Cloudsystem for running the server, i bet they are strong enough to handle the requests.
    Most of this connection issues are caused in developement itself, some broken functions and you will have a big mess 😉

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