Hello and goodbye

  • Month ago I payed money to play the game.
    It didn't show that it is not finished at that time.

    I waited.
    I waited until end february and no testing slot came.
    I waited until now and still the client is talking about winter alpha in february.

    No postings on the website under "news" or "dev_updates".
    No change in the message form the client (how hard can that be? Change the f*cking message to Oktober or whatever).

    The only hint is in the small textbutton very far down "FAQ" and then "Play testing".
    That is not an announcement.
    Why no info email?
    Why no article in the forums?

    The only things i saw is one developer who seemed feel great because of new stuff he created and no one else beside him can test or play.
    And there are sort of weekly benefits for foundation points for a game not running.

    That is really frustrating,
    Lacking to inform your customers is very bad for a real business.

    Now I will deinstall the thing, so i no longer have to see that icon, pumping up my blood pressure.
    Without having seen any single thing running on my PC.
    80 Euro gone for nothing.

    Crowdfunding and "working on it hard" my ass.



    Yet another person who, sadly, is totally ignorant of what Alpha means.


    @Steini you payed 80 euro for nothing but when it finally launches you'll be there so stop crying pal..


    At 63 years of age, this give it to me now attitude is becoming something I see more and more as time goes by, all the infomation to keep me wating patiently is available, you just need to look.



    quite sure it has all stemmed from the "every child gets a trophy" regardless if they actually won or earned it. Definitely has caused an "I am entitled" generation.

    "It's MY MONEY, and I WANT IT NOW!"


    @Steini I strongly doubt that there was no hint about the fact that the game was in development.
    That said, it's not for nothing, the game will launch eventually, it's an investment, and communication happen, if not always at the right time.
    The last new is dated Feb 25th, it's pretty recent, considering the development stage of the game, which is made of long hard steps and cannot delivery frequent updates about improvements.
    So your hello and goodbye is your choice, not enforced by anyone in fact.
    I'm sorry if you felt betrayed by the crowdfunding, I know how it is, I've spent some money myself on games that just didn't take off properly.
    But I think this will do, this is not an avid developer that wants your money for nothing, this is a team building the game they want to play too, so they will build it.
    And it will be probably really good.

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    Idk what these people are going on about lately. 13 days ago - https://fracturedmmo.com/tech-tree-marketplace-money-dynamight/

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    This is a case of someone who just didn't read anything before really investing in the game.

    All over the website, it is made clear this game is in Alpha testing, especially when you go to buy into the game, and are rewarded 'Alpha Access' to the game.

    When the game didn't look like it would have an Alpha ready in February, they did in fact post an update, not to mention since they just give the month of the prospective Alpha, you have an entire month to look forward to that update, and it gives them an entire month to decide if they need to announce a delay because of what's been going on.

    The trouble is, maybe, the fact that they kept up the link to the Dev Updates on the website, but they have not really been utilizing that for quite some time now. Those of us on the mailing list all get emails within a few days of the most recent update coming out, with a link to the update for us to ready and understand, and frankly, other than the delay, the update was GOOD NEWS!

    They say a fool and his money is soon parted, well, you can be a fool who invests in something good, if you don't learn about what your investing in to make sure you actually get the full advantage of said 'something good' just as much as you can be lured in by a scam. You do in fact need to READ what's out there before blindly throwing your money at it with expectations...nuf said


    Hello Steini!



    @Steini Its sad to see someone leave a game that has the potiential to be even better than what it is now. Games like this take time and its Alpha, i feel you just need to be a little more patient and understand the devs are doing what they can. At least the devs to communicate with the community. A lot of devs don't and push the voices of the people aside and do not take into consideration the ideas of the community but these devs are different. Yeah its sad we cant play it all the time and when dates can pushed but again its Alpha. Anyone who has an understanding on the game design process knows a lot os subject to change and testing is limited in Alpha.

    Just stay patient and I think you will see your investment has paid off, dont get discouraged and more testing will come up and soon the server will be up for constant testing and then we can hunt and kill each other all the time. MMO's are a big investment on the devs as well and im just happy to see them still earning money and wanting to put in actual content. Other games in this genre like this are flopping due to devs not working on the game and I feel these are doing that and we can see the improvements each update and test.

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