Cash Shop idea for the DEVS


    Psst! Put this in your back pocket

    All I want is the game to be as best as it can be and like it or not that means MONEY, so it is what it is.
    Here is my idea. First to be fair to the players. Each world each continent should have a different musical theme, after that How about adding songs to be purchased in the cash store that can be used by governors to give the town its own feel. Like each town in the Zelda games. Nothing crazy like todays pop. Add to it by adding smaller nodes for player homes and buildings so the owner can change the theme of there home. People love making something there own and showing it off Music greatly builds and adds to that. Make the town music selection different from the building selection. That way people buy twice as many songs if not more. and because every world and continent on each world has its own theme no one can say you skipped out on music just to sell it in the shop plus it is not pay to win! good idea? idk it came to me wile in the shower.
    It does not break emersion, it actually adds to it. Bad spelling, grammar and all. Just go with it.

  • @Cellticlink Coding already exists for this premise. At least in the Asheron's Call emulators.

  • Actually......not a bad idea.

    I'd be onboard with that. It doesn't effect anything other than the music, so there's no unfair advantage. Helps the devs and helps people customize their characters / homes more. I can't think of a downside off the top of my head.

    Probably not a priority, but could be a small money maker further down the line.

  • As long as the cash shop has cosmetics and music I don't mind more funds for development.

    We could even add stuff like "style theme for towns"
    e.g. in a specific town its possible to build houses with a specific style like eastern, middleage, ...
    That would add to "each town has a special feeling". 🙂


    This is a fine pipe dream, but I don't see it happening, at least not until a year or two after 1.0. They simply won't have enough musical content to warrant it.

    Also, an addendum: the custom music is replaced with a generic theme during a raid. This is so that nobody can say some music is "pay to win" by being easier or harder to hear over.


    @Cellticlink KUDOS for a great idea! 👍 🍻
    Definitely a 'cosmetic' and not a tactical advantage, so right in line with the dev's vision for the game, and I'd definitely pay for that.

    As @FibS said, it may not happen for a while, but it's a great thing to have in our back pocket! I'd agree w FibS that battles should either have a common theme or nothing but the battle sfx to avoid distraction/advantage.


    Now imagine pvp around your house, or when you need to enter and exit repeatedly, or in town out of town.


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