Is game worth playing


    I've watched some vids and game looks pretty good, sort of like Albion Online. Is it worth playing now?


    i have been watching but havent got to play yet, i was wondering the same thing


    Obviously it is not in its finished form yet. Although there are many things that are good in the game atm, there are still things that need to be polished. Still fun so far! Definitely worth trying out if you can!


    Are dungeons and PvE already implemented?

  • @JaaneDoe
    There are OW pve zones and world bosses so far.


    Man everyone wants to know "is it worth playing"?

    Only YOU can answer that question! The project is still in alpha so its not actually a game yet but is still undergoing the development and testing process. If you are ok with that then by all means you should jump in and give Fractured a spin.

    Most responses to have been quite favorable.

    I say you should go ahead and jump right in and enjoy. Of course your results may vary.

    Once you do then you can write a new post and instead of asking us, you will be able to tell is if its worth it.


    @Aesir said:

    I've watched some vids and game looks pretty good, sort of like Albion Online. Is it worth playing now?

    Like @Gibbx said, you're the only one who can answer that question BUT... My personal experience has been that each alpha has been fun in its own way, and a drag in some other ways. Bugs happen, but so do really fun encounters.

    That said, I wouldn't judge the game by the upcoming 3 day open playtest. That's gonna get nuts, btw rolling out a completely new system and loading up servers with freebiefolk.

    For me, it's worthwhile to deal with the bugs to help them build the game AND I'm making lots of the n00b mistakes now before my toon is 'the real one'. When launch happens, I'll be ready. AND I'll have made lots of good connections in this forum and in the game that will help my toon prosper 😉



    If you like fried chicken..then NO.. this game is ABSOLUTELY NOT WORTH PLAYING!! as I have tried multiple times to make fried chicken in-game and I have YET to get even ONE crispy finger tender! Heck, I even tried getting fried Horse! I have thrown fireball after fireball after the horses I have seen in-game and never once have I been able to get a single piece of crispy meat from them 😞 sigh.

    Now, if you like grilled wolf, venison or bear.. then YES!! This is definitely the game for you as those come in steady supply!!!!

    It's just the chicken!!! whine

    And strange.. oh boy... do you find strange things in this game... I mean.. I could have sworn I one time saw a feminine peach wearing a McDonald's outfit running by me while resting at my campfire!

    Heck.. I even saw a gibbx once, and I have no clue what one of those things are either!!!!


    you going to need to critically think on this one. watch videos and get some time in when there's a free test. then make that decision for yourself.

  • I mean, there isn't much content to judge in the first place because the game is still in alpha. I like it because I'm happy with how it evolved over the past year and I think it has the chance to become something awesome.

  • I just tested it some. It's officially garbage. Not worth playing at all.

  • @Mindframe How about expand on that, instead of just leaving troll remarks?


    full loot pvp?


    @xlSarge Yes. In the full version there will be caveats to that based on which world you're on and what your karma/militia is set to, but overall yes.


    @Aesir The key difference between Fractured and Albion Online is that you need to PVP to get to Albion's endgame but not Fractured's.

    Fractured is called that because the universe was once one big planet but got blown up into three planets + a bunch of asteroid-like chunks. Each of these three planets has its own PVP rules (one of them being "no PVP at all") and all three of them have their own set of materials & gear crafted therefrom, from early to endgame.

    Fractured is absolutely not done, its end goal is very ambitious, and many players want different things from it. My last post on the forums before now was a frustrated vent about the contemporary state of the game but, considering that there are no refunds available, I'm sticking around to 1.0 to see how it turns out.

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