Patch Log - v.a.2.4.1c

  • DymStudios - CEO


    • The power level of legends has been increased considerably. More changes (including AI behaviors) will be coming in the next days!
    • The Health of monsters now resets when they start leashing. Strong creatures may not regenerate their health in full, but they still regain a substantial portion.
    • The Wisp champion is now classified as Medium instead of Hard.
    • The Earth Elemental champion is now classified as Hard instead of Medium.
    • The Bear champion is now classified as Easy instead of Medium.
    • The Giant Spider champion is now classified as Medium instead of Easy.
    • Concussive Strike now deals Crush damage. Multiple concussive strikes stack with each other (up to 4 times).

    Bug Fixes

    • Harvesting clovers now correctly changes the nutrition levels of farming plots.
    • Being overweight no longer prevents interactions with items.
    • It's no longer possible to add more materials to Smelteries than it fits the UI.
    • Bronze can be smelted again.
    • Fixed a bug that caused weird move speed changes when players entered and exited paved roads when encumbered.


    Thank you so much!!! Really enjoying this alpha test so far. Been playing almost non-stop 😊


    Thanks Prometheus!


    thanks . I am curious Are all the suggestions read by the producers or don't they have time for it?


    I thought the legionaries were hitting a little harder than yesterday 😰
    great update!


    Thanks for your continuous effort and work 😉

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