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    just want to know if spending 50 bucks if game is worth it?


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    Honestly, depends on your preferences, but really, it's too early to say as a wide angled answer. Some of us have been backing this game since it first went to Kickstarter a few years ago, so for us, the Risk/Reward is worth the gamble, but that's not everyone's cup of tea. if your having doubts, you certainly can't judge purely from the Alpha, as being an Alpha, a lot of things that make this game special haven't been implemented yet.

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    The value of an object always depends on you.

    Have you played a MMO before? If so, which one? Do you want to participate in the development of the game or do you want a finished product?

    Currently there is a sale of 10%. If you enter a YouTuber code during checkout, the Master Package costs only 40,50 €.


    Questions like this are always the hardest to answer. Honestly, it's entirely up to what is "worth it" to you. Especially as this game is still in alpha, and it's a true alpha. So, if you don't mind bugs, missing features, and things you may not be used to, then I definitely think you'd get your money's worth out of this. However, there's also a chance you may log in and discover this isn't the game for you.


    My simple answer is the money i spent to back this project has been more than worth it. Your results may vary.

    Only YOU can answer that question and unfortunately only after you have spent the money. For me being able to be a part of the community of supporters of this game, the entertainment value i have received from participating in the forums and interacting the the great community here has been of way more value than the money I spent on the Kickstarter. It has been very cool watching the game develop from the ground up as has been watching the input of the community influence some aspects of the project. You may not enjoy the testing phases (I found out I don't enjoy testing games) and may want to play a finished game right now. If those are not valuable to you than this may not be worth it for you. If however you love the premise of the game, have the money, and can be patient that I like the community here think this game is going to be good and will definitely be worth it. Again you results may vary. If you decide to buy in then I look forward to gaming with you.


    i been playing games for like 25 years ( if not longer ) and i've beta tested alot of games. so i understand what it means..
    so ty all vm for this feedback...


    and my other questions is how much HD, GB is game?


    @mczap62 a bit under 6gb atm


    Worth buying? Depends on ones point of view. I'm very impressed with how smooth the alpha is so far. Of course it has bugs, but I can see down the road just how awesome this game will be. My only regret is that I didn't buy a larger kickstarter package when I had the chance.

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