Where can I view what stats do?(Detection/Willpower/ETC)


    The topic is the title. I got a bow and talents say it will add detection. I can't figure out what detection is. Is it a PvP stat that allows me to see stealth characters, Stealthed PvE mobs, both, or something totally different? I tried to mouse over the words but nothing happened.

    Thanks in advance.


    @Deftly I agree, it would be nice when you pull up your character you could hover over the stat and it gives a brief description.

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    For now, you can help yourself with the few informations on Wiki.
    Those pages still need some more informations, but helps already anyways.

    And yes @Xulu some more mouseover informations would make a good use for understanding mechanics ingame.


    Im trustfull that interface will evolve over time, and give us all the info we need. 🙂


    The wiki is a bit out of date i would say, the transparency of seeing what each stat affects would be nice.

    I also would like to see a combat log showing the information as to what exactly is going on ... if there are concerns about people using it to figure out information based on knowledge it could become more transparent as you gained knowledge points on the creature.

    Like if the creature has a resistance or damage reduction but you have 0% knowledge it would just print out the damage you do, but if you know whats going on it would display the calculation involved.

    I did a bit of messing around with the rogue abilities and a dagger and the numbers just were not adding up. There could be something im missing but i would like to see whats going on more clearly.

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