it seems like a neat idea but imho it feels like it would take too long for it to be all that beneficial. Is it just meant to be a side thing to do in support of your city or is it not fleshed out entirely yet?


    I think the time seems to fit nicely with the pace of the game. I don't think it is meant for you to do full-time unless you're a fairly casual player. If you could farm that much food in a short period of time it would flood the market, demonetize food value, and ultimately make hunger pointless game mechanic.


    I think there will be dedicated farmers for a city but itll be like a tuesday Thursday thing not something you'll have to constantly keep an eye one


    It won't be a "side thing" in support of your city. It's already been said that ALL cities will require food to maintain status and size. A nice way of providing a demand for trading of goods between other communities.
    Personally, I'm expecting most players will flock to mining areas.

  • In similar games we had people that were choosing one specialization.
    Like one was responsible for breeding birds for buff food, another was responsible for wood, ...

    At the end of the day we exchanged within the group - then we had the stuff we needed for all.

  • Since it's a guild thing I think the main idea is, as @dj35 said, to have dedicated farmers. Maybe it's not your thing, but some people like to farm. Others like to pvp, pve, craft, gather resources, play the market, organize guild events and so on.

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