so you have to unlock certain things with certain spells and such to advance the knowledge and power of it but my question is under that knowledge tab does it tell u what u have to do or are we flying totally blind

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    You will not know which creature gives which skill until you unlock it.
    You can assume. Per example, a wolf/bear/deer will not give you fireballs, but a goblin who cast it, will maybe do.
    As for later advanced skills, we do not know yet, because it is not implemented, but they said in the past, that advancing your skill will take much longer than to get them in first stage.

    For sure, whenever a player figure out, where to get stuff, it surely will find its path into the wiki.
    So newer player will know more, if they read wiki and/or use guides, when they jump in, than older player who had to figure out before.



    As @Kralith said, we don't know for sure, however we an speculate from some of the screen shots that they have given us that there will be 5 levels of each ability, the 1st level being the acquisition of the ability from the creature, then the next two are finding out more information about that ability from either "studying" the ability or finding symbiotic items for the ability, and the last level I believe has to do with a quest.

    I don't know for sure where it is, but if you look through all the material that they gave us originally in the News articles, you should come across it.


    i hope we dont know!! i hate that we're living in a world where people have to know 100% of everything before doing anything.


    or heck just make that RNG for the abilities, that way you never really do know


    @Hawkshield ..."just make that RNG for abilities, that way you never really do know...."

    Yes!!! Finally I have acquired you o' mighty Fireball spell!!!!!! After all this long laborous work, I have finally slain that foul Goblin Shaman and now you art mine!! MWuhahahaha....err...wait.... what?? WTF???!!! You only do 5 points of damage???!! .... and what??!! YOU ARE BLUE NOT ORANGE??!!!!!.... seriously?? I have to do a silly fire shaman dance between each use???!!!!!!! (groan) (face palm) No.. I don't want flowers!


    Gone is the golden age of gaming.. Where the only wiki was in the form of a game guide from the trading card shop or gamestop. The answer to all of our questions can be found by consulting the great oracle, Google.

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