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    Hey all,

    There still seems to be an issue with the downloaded version. Please use V1.1 as a downloaded version for now. I will work on this and update asap.

    I was thinking about this since the start of the test - unsure if I would want to keep it private or make it public. Well, here is my answer to hopefully end some confusion and suffering when it comes to enchantments:

    How to get it

    1. Open the Vandiir Enchantment Calculator.
    2. Download a copy of the google sheet locally.
    3. Follow the instructions in the file to get your most wanted enchantments right.

    I understand that you can use the online sheet. A Download is not necessary ultimately. BUT you will be competing with multiple people to change values in the same sheet. And the online version is slow. A locally saved copy will get results in 1-2 seconds, the online version will take closer to 1 minute. Especially having to reenter your inventory items all the time would be very tedious as well!

    What does it do?

    • You select the wanted tier and enchantment and will be given the ingredients you should use.
    • you can configure items in your possession to only be used (manual entry needed - it does not look at your ingame inventory)

    Keeping this up to date

    This game is still in development and things which are currently accurate may not be forever. I would love for this to be a community effort to report new ingredients, changed values for ingredients/enchantments and any bugs you find.

    Please report missing ingredients, incorrect values or wrong enchantments in a reply to this channel with @Silynx.

    I am hoping we will see a full version of something similar that is web based in a real website format which will allow to configure whole equipment sets and lists all needed ingredients and such, maybe including some pricing options and such. But I can't do that. I can do excel and the current file is already getting pretty large. And I would hope for that to be a public release.

    There are other great tools out there: Like the great character sheet by Maze as well as some other enchantment tools. I would love for there to be a better interconnection between all these tools, so we don't all have to update ingredient lists as we go. If anyone has a great idea for that - I'm all ear.

    Old Versions


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    V1.1 - Public Release
    V1.1a - Added Animated Flesh

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    added. Thanks!


    Evasion 2

    2 Primordial Dust
    1 Amanita Mushrooms
    1 White Cap Mushrooms
    1 Dandelion

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    @GrimMerc I would agree with that. If I select only those ingredients to be available in my inventory, the sheet spits that out too. Did you have an issue getting that result?


    i didn't got Evasion 2 when i tried.


    Tested on Scholar light armor, it gives evasion2(+60) bonus only.fr02.jpg

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    V1.2 now available!

    Huge thanks to @kellewic for reaching out and finding a solution to integrate the wiki data into this sheet. The ingredients list is now being pulled directly from the wiki. If you find a problem after an update and some ingredient seems to show the wrong value in my sheet, it's time to update the wiki.

    This is exactly the kind of collaboration I was hoping for. I am beyond excited right now. Let me know if anyone finds an error or a way to brick the thing 🙂

    EDIT: There still seems to be an issue with the downloaded version. Please use V1.1 as a downloaded version for now. I will work on this and update asap.


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    I have a suggestion and since you've already passed my knowledge of Excel programming 🙂 - I'm not sure how difficult it would be to do it.
    The information from what I've tested works just fine as is.

    I saw you have on the enchantment page whether an enchantment can be used for head, neck, feet, etc
    It would be nice to be able to pick the slot (head, neck, feet) and then only see in the drop down list the enchantments available for that piece.

    Again that is probably way more complicated than it sounds and there is the possibility that scholar feet and leather feet do not have the same enchantments which would make it more difficult.

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    I like the idea and will see if I can figure that out. I wasn't aware that different items in the same slot have different enchantment options yet. If that ends up being the case and we would need to make a database more or less per item, that's going to be again more of a challenge to integrate it with the wiki to avoid needing to update both things all the time.


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    @Silynx I don't know that they do have differences. I havne't looked too much into the leather pieces yet.

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