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    I am new to Fractured, but have read all the news. I am sure there are old threads I have missed so some of my comments/questions may need to be corrected. Also, the game looks great for an Alpha build.

    But as someone brand new to the game, I think my concerns might be of interest. Here they are.

    1 - Design Journals started July 2017 then ended July 2018. There was no post nor news that explained the reason for stopping the Journals. If the need for the Journals went away, or they took too much developer time, it would have been nice to post the reasons you were stopping them.

    2 - A play testing/release road map was released in the news July 2018. I am guessing that we are about 7-8 months behind that schedule? Perhaps when the results of the current Alpha have been evaluated we could get a playtest/release schedule update? Are the economic costs of the delay going to cause problems? Will more money be needed?

    3 - I'm not sure what kind of Endgame there is. I can see many players building the character they want, then exploring all the current maps, doing the Vale of Shadows, in 2 months or so (maybe less)? Then would they get bored with the game and leave? What plans are there to keep players in the game for the long term? I tend to be a completionist myself, so I see myself playing the game for a longer time, but I'm not sure that there are enough people like myself to keep the game going. Hopefully the developers have indicated some plans for continued content, and I just haven't found them.

    I have not bought any package. For the most part because I do not like things given to me. I don't want to be given a wagon/mule, I want to do whatever is necessary in the game to buy/make them. When Beta 2 is announced, I see myself finally buying the Adept package.

    Thank you for reading this somewhat long post, I look forward to any comments and info.

  • Regarding #3, I'd say that politics, zvz, trading and ganking will keep the people interested in the game. What you see right now is one planet, but we'll have more, with different resources, plus the asteroids. To be fair I'm also concerned about this a bit. Seeing how one of the bonuses of premium is extra knowledge gain, I hope we'll get a lot more content to unlock. We'll also get items of higher tier than primitive.


    That being said this map is only ~25% of the planet. And we don't have dungeons in yet, i bet we'll get enough lategame content in the future.


    Most of the updates arrive in emails directly or through the forums and Discord. So I'd say the devs are well on top of informing players what is going on. Along with that I have seen them answer questions in the forums personally and very timely.

    As for what to do in the game to have fun, it's a mmo. The fun in the game is the interaction with other players. I'm sure content will be added as time allows. It's alpha right now. They need to work on making the game work properly first.


    tl;dr for most:

    1. I noticed too the 'lack' of posts since 2018.
      For me so far I can say that the bitter taste of CoE and therfore my (and i guess many other CoE fellow players) scrutiny in and around the game is well addressed by the dynamight studio. (in other words, they know)
      I have had no answer on any question about my small investment (before it all went down) when i got suspicious, and here my questions every single one of them have been answered. So i am happy with that, confident about the development and hell yeah they deserve more credit for having a playable alpha. Having people from CoE in the game is a big gamble for Dynamight (its not the promise of CoE, but kinda-similar. (isometric and stuff) as well for the CoE players (investing in a smaller company setup...) .
      For me its clear. they deliver (playing right now). and they communicate.

    2. they might be running behind schedule as the world problems dont go away by sending in a wizard.
      running behind and the time around is maybe a setback, might be problematic. (the license for spatial os might be expensive, i dunno)
      so the best way to mitigate that is to have that trust (yeah CoE did its thing) and interact with the game on any level. (i bought it, bought a pack for a CoE friend. will do as much as i can just to have that one shot.(i am positive thinker until business case prooves me wrong)

    3. Endgame... good question. i never bother cuz my endgame is having fun with my town. seeing it grow and expand...
      mioght be quite daunitng in the long run. (as there are always other things to do IRL..

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