Alpha 2.3 Key giveaway.


    So it has come to my attention So many of you out there are still unable to play due to not having the larger Packs. I have some Keys I'm looking to hand out to people. I was thinking of good way to give these out - I am going to be giving out keys for a story. Give us a story to read about your first encounter with the person you are now playing games with today. I'll give a small example.

    I met my best Friend playing Everquest. I was a Cleric and he was a Necro. We met on a hilltop in the zone OOT. Started off joking in chat and killing mobs. Many hours later in game and now in life. We have been friends of the Best kinds in life. My kids know him as uncle J. I love how games have made such an awesome impression on my life and I'm very thankful for him and it.

    Sharing is Caring.

  • I met my best gaming friend Julian in a game called Tibia. He was one of the leaders in the enemy teams i was facing. One day my guild split apart and i joined his team and one of his other leaders joined my old one so it was basicly a swap. But i was not so experienced as them back then, and little did i know what was ahead.. but i learned fast so fast that i replaced the main leader in that guild and started knowing Julian better and better we became unbeatable and won countless of wars and never left eachothers side again. Since then we have always played every game together. We met eachother like 4 times in rl and even went on a double date lol. Its crazy how meeting someone in a game can give you such a lifechanging experience. He lives in Germany and i was living in the Netherlands. We did not play anything together anymore lately because of the pandemic.. and i think Fractured would be a game me and him could play to relive the old days we had together and build again a great guild!


    What a great story of friendship ! Yes i would agree it is a neat thing to experience friendship out of a video game.

    Sent you Keys in DMS 🙂 i hope to see ya both in the Alpha 2.3 test !

  • @Oxfurd Thank you sir we will!!

  • I met one of my good friend named kyle playing cs 1.6. We met on a public server which we ended up playing on for some time. He then introduced me to DAOC which he was already playing at the time and i got addicted. We played that game for a few years together which during that time he introduce to some of his other RL friends that were playing that game as well. Fast forward 10 years later and we are still playing all sorts of game together. Its great to be able to meet people around the world, we have never met in person but i considered to be my closest friends.


    Most of my best friend are the ones that i found playing Lineage 2. We actually were part of an alliance and our clans merged.
    After an year or so, we start the gatherings (not online) and we end up playing like an entire saturday night in one of the dudes house (we actually cooked and then keep going).
    This was like 8 years ago and we still gather like twice a month to eat and remember old stuff.
    One of them move to Spain (I'm from Argentina) and we are not able to play anything at the moment, but i know we will meet again in Fractured,i already mention this game to him and will buy it when this is available (this is still to expensive to be played right now, but i think we will be able to play one the Beta 2 is open). I was even the best man as his wedding before he left.


    So me and my group of best friends met up in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. It was a small regiment, run by a guy with a very very thick french accent. It was so hilariously bad, especially when he was shouting commands to us to form in a line and would follow-up with some witty saying about how he saw sabers straighter than us. And his second in command used to be a patriotic Bulgarian, spouting propaganda whenever he could. Our regiment commander would constantly swear in french too, whenever he saw something he did not like. In this regiment I met my currently 3 best friends: 2 Dutchmen and 1 Bulgarian. Quite an international group of friends, but to this day we organize meetups and something similar. And that was almost 8 years ago. Time flies kinda fast.

    We used to train 2 times a week and attend many Napoleonic Wars Events where a bunch of people would gather to reenact historic line battles by using variety of tactics. It was truly great and all the learning and hardships we overcame in that game forged a bond that carried into other games.

    Currently I am applying to this by myself so that I could see if this is a game I want to play and invite my friends to spend money on. Or if this is something that would interest them at all.

  • It was 1982. Alongside hazy memories of Aston Villa winning the European Cup, my Dad bought us a new toy called a Commodore 64 and Come on Eileen played all the time on the radio.

    There was a little thing called the Falkland War going on and for a while there my 5-year-old self caught a glimpse of how awful the world could be. However on the 15th of June that year a wonderful thing happened, my little brother was born! And Argentina surrendered!! Happy Days.

    These days me and my little brother spend our evenings travelling imaginary worlds with friends we've never met, bringing peace to those who deserve it and oblivion for the same!


    Hello @Oxfurd Here is my story:
    Back then I found a good friend in Ultima Online. He was responsible for the newcomers to the game at the time. He explained everything to me in this game, including the PvP part of the game, even though I always resisted PvP. We trained every day. One day there was a PvP arena event which our guild achieved. There were 20 people. Among other things, my mentor 🙂 And what can I say there was a meeting in the event between us and I had defeated him. It was a great honor for me to compete against him only I didn't expect to win against him. Since then we have done a lot in this game. It was a great time back then and I think it could be the same again here in the game 🙂


    @Oxfurd I love your idea!

    I met my good friend Przemo playing Atlas. He joined our guild "Vordmor" on PVP official server. It was really tough for us to survive on our island which we put hundreds of hours to fortify at. We had about 170-200 manned cannons protecting our harbour.

    Przemo is not very talkative but he is really hard working and loyal friend. We used to spend lots of time hunting whales and chatting on the open seas.

    During this time we were under attack many days in a row by asian guilds, sometimes even for straight 9 hours! Przemo was one of the few people who were protecting our base every day/night. He was protecting our land like a super hero, sometimes even being alone vs 10 enemies in the morning hours when most of us were still sleeping :D.

    I know I can always count on him, and he can count on me as well, that's why I am writting this post. (I have access to Alpha 2 myself).

    He is very interested in the game but he can't afford it at the moment. I would be very happy to give him an alpha key so we could play the game together!


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    As it so happens, the person I want to get a key for is my Girlfriend. We met online 4 years ago next month and one of the things we share is a love of all things RPGs and gaming. Recently, she's been coming in during my streaming of OSRS while waiting for Fractured and she's also heard me wax rather poetic about Fractured itself. She's always participated in tabletop roleplaying, but not as of yet joined in on an MMORPG and I think Fractured would be a great way to let her cut her teeth on an MMO.o

    We met first online, and found we had a mutual interest in karaoke. She enjoyed watching and hanging out, but is too nervous to sing, while I am the world's biggest ham. Anyway, we met up as I was hosting a karaoke meetup for the site we were on, and instantly we hit it off. I came to find she was also into board and card games, but had never had a chance to play Dungeons & Dragons as of yet, although we had a rousing good time playing Cards Against Humanity. I introduced her to D&D, and she's been addicted ever since. She is also almost as obsessive as I am about Board and Card games, and she's FAR more competitive. Now I just want to expand her gaming knowledge even further with an Isometric MMORPG for her maiden voyage. The added benefit is that my Sister from another mother also has Alpha access to the game (she watched me stream during the last open test, and had to join me, and after the test was over, she actually went to Legendary before I upgraded.)

    Anyway, there are probably better stories out there of gaming buddies, but thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

  • I'm from an orthodox country and usually the priest comes a couple times a year to bless people's homes (or something like that, I'm not religious). One of these occasions is Christmas. Since I live in an apartment building, I don't usually lock the door if I'm home. The priest in my area has the bad habit of checking the door if you don't answer because there's a bunch of old people who don't hear the ring bell. So here we are a few years back, on Christmas eve: I'm in the shower, the priest rings the bell but I don't care, he tries to open the unlocked door and announces his presence. I didn't really hear what he said, but I realised there's someone in my house, so I panicked and run wet and naked to the entryway. A few moments of heated arguments followed, and a bunch of neighbors opened their doors to check what happened. The thing between me and the priest cooled down and I suddenly hear "shalandoyala" 2 apartments to the left. I ask the guy in the door "were you playing Lineage2?", he replies that yes and I ask which server. Turns out we were playing on the same server. This is how I met one of the core members of our constant party in Lineage and how the priest avoided my apartment ever since.


    @Confuzed Great story thank you ! Check your DMS


    @Vancushen Food is a great way to share with friends- dinner and chat is Epic times in my book. Check your DMS


    @Dalmantes Ah (insert Jedi comment) thats awesome PVP can be fun if done correctly. Glad youre here ! Check your DmS


    @Batriz Wow ! that is certainly a good mate to have on the boat/land. Id love to have a few more friends like that in game for sure. Check you DMS


    @GamerSeuss Maybe we should see if they will marry you two in game. That would be some real RP . 🙂 check your DMS.


    I'd tell you my story, but then I'd have to kill you. 😉

    So i just dropped in to phrase Oxfurd for his amazing community engagement. Well done! 🙂


    @MonkeyMagicSCG Epic ! There is truly nothing much more magickal than traveling to new worlds with person you share all things with. I'm glad you have each other to do that with ! and thanks for sharing. Check you DMS


    @Razvan I will say i thought that this story was going a completely different way. Thank you for the story and we will always find friends in the most bizarre ways i think. Check your DMS

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