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    I know it's still early in development, but I had a question about the current graphics.

    Compared to the skill clips they showed a while back, which looked amazing, the current client looks very washed out and drab.

    Is that an intentional design choice, or more of a "placeholder" style until they get further along?



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    Hi @Marovec, are you referring to these clips? If so, the game was just a prototype back then 🙂

    When you talk about the current client, have you played in person or are you referring to videos from A2-T1 and before? I'm asking since we've done a lot of post-processing work before this test, including increasing the gamma 🙂



    I am referring to those clips, I think they look great!

    I am playing in person in this current test period, and while I am not saying it looks bad, it looks far sharper, with richer colors, in those older clips.

    I understand some of that may simply be personal preference, so it's mostly a "just wondering" question.


    @Marovec said in Graphics Question:

    (...)it looks far sharper, with richer colors(...)

    Does that perception persist through multiple areas of the game, or is it 'only' around the starting areas?


    @Logain I can only speak to the areas of the starting town, and to the north and northwest...that's all I've explored so far.


    Old discussion I know.

    I agree with the OP though. Looks like the ground textures looked more like dirt. It created a stark contrast between the ground and the grass and plants. Which in my opinion, created a sense of layered texture to the world that it now lacks. Now grassy areas are washed out and the ground texture looks very similar to the grass and plants in the area. The world lacks contrasting environments. It actually tires me out and traveling through these areas becomes quite boring.

    Hoping that the developers continue to add variation to all of their textures and potentially upgrade them in the future when performance allows.

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