Handcarts, Handcarts and Handcarts...


    Alpha 2 noted regarding my experiences with handcarts.

    Some of these bugs are already noted, others I did not see. (please disregard if these are already posted)

    1. Handcart gets stuck inside floor blueprint (or doorway)

    2. Handcart duplication of items (fixed it seems) - multi click

    3. Handcarts can get stuck facing wall or other objects that have yet to be built. (Wall blueprint for example, then once wall is build there is not enough room to re-engage and pull)

    4. Handcart animation is buggy at times (Goes in and out, or animation into floor or ground)

    5. Existing material bugs into character arm when loading handcart. (For me it seems to be stone, it visually becomes part of my arm)

    6. Handcart inventory showing the incorrect amount of materials. (or materials do not load into car unless you close the box)

    These were just a few of the things I encountered over 5-6 test sessions (over the last 2 weeks)

    Please feel free to add any additional ones, I hope this helped.


    1. When pick object from Handcarts, the caracter annimation start, but the speed of caractere is not define at the start of annimation; but at the end of caractere annimation. (so when we pick up an object from Handcarts we can run during the annimation time)
    2. Handcarts should rotate when we select the move option from Handcarts


    I have some missing ones i found:

    • The item multiplication in handcarts i could repeat several times. (still possible in A2.1.2f)

    • There seems to be a Cart Duplication Bug, it did not happen to me, but it remembers me at a behaviour of Carts at the beginning of Alpha2-1.

    • not to forget the funny feature of being able to use a cart as a Lawn Mower 😂

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