Items Get Stuck Under House Floor During Construction


    badbug (Medium).png

    Unloaded a ton of stuff including my cart.

    Next housing phase puts pretend floor down.

    Can't get to any of those items.


  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Same thing happened to me, wish I had seen this sooner. 😞

  • ive had this happen to my first cart , then made a second made sure it was OUTSDIE the building , then looged in my character is curropt and the stupid cart is magically in my home bugged xD now i have 2 in thee that i cant use 😧 full of building mats i must sy ht took me awhile to get

  • If you're like me, this is annoying af. I just destroyed the house. Took my 4 minutes to get back to where I was. By the time I got back from searching this everything had respawned. And with the cart it was so much faster this time around.

  • I had i similar issue early on in testing last week, i built another cart and continued to build. Once the house was done the cart reset so i had 2.


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