Memory worth of abilities

  • Intelligence gives you bonus to memory, so you can pick abilities (10+INT).

    How it their "price" chosen? Depending on damage /overall power , or are high memory costing abilities only spells reserved for most intelligent mages ? Im just asking whether even warrior with int 6 will be able to pick enough abilities ( in case of healing he can always go bandages and remedies, right, so he has 2 free slots).

    Will memory cost of abilities be changed in future depending on their popularity, or will overused abilities be nerfed and underpicked ones buffed ?


    Not certain what exactly you are asking but...

    as far as I know, everyone can learn all abilities regardless of what attribures he has... and everyone can slot equal amount of abilities in skill bar (?).

    Maybe im wrong about the latter.

  • @Gothix No I mean fact, that each ability costs some amount of points - so Fireball takes more points of memory than Bleeding attack. And by memory i mean "28 memory points" player has with Int 18 (and 16 with int 6 wich makes sense - Bleeding strike costs 2 memory)...If I understand it correctly and if it actually works like this.

    But if it does, its fine by me, because otherwise one would pick only most damaging abilities (in hope of nuking enemy down with one combo - for example Fireball is capable of 1250 dmg without critical damage and in case of build specialised on crits it would certainly be around 3000 endurance down per one spell so 4-5 such spells (and I guess every element will have at leas one such monster nuke) would probably erase any player opponent). This way (if every ability has its cost) you have to actually make decisions and pick some spammable spells and only few superhigh dmg spells (which replace non-existent "ultimate abilities") and it involves some tactics too.

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    @asspirin @Gothix

    How the cost is chosen, I have no idea.

    Regarding slots, there is the top bar where in a resting phase you can swap out based on your memory points - so you could put more there than can fit on your hotbar (the bottom bar).

    Out of combat, you can take abilities from the top bar and swap into the hotbar without having to rest.


    as for now stronger spells are for sure more expensive, as eq 6 points or big spiderweb 8 points

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