Immunity in pvp

  • I know there was a thread about it here , but it mostly covered PvE part of the game. My question is about pvp.

    In Alpha there is ability Protection from Fire learnt from goblin shaman. Maybe I remember it wrong, but game tooltip of the ability in one of the streams said "full immunity to fire damage". Is it planned like this, or is the ability still in developement as it´s alpha? Hope for the latter, as immunities don´t have place in pvp - I´ll mention Path of Exile with it´s immunities to stun, chaos damage, even to crits. Once you can be immune to something, opponent specialising in it has super low chance to defeat you, no matter the skill. In the old thread there were some nice ideas - for example concerning the ability Protection of fire - it might have passive shield absorbing some amount of damage with cooldown (so shield would grow back in few seconds) or similar effect. But please no immunity to something all the time.
    But as abilities will not have different effects for PVE and PVP, i guess abilities such as this one will not make it to the final.

    And I hope it´s not aura (as two guys would be enough to ensure immunity to all the elements - if these would stack), but probably not, right.

    And if this was already solved, sorry, but I didn´t find it.


    @asspirin You can activate PVP with P and test the Skill bevaviour with someone else who activated it too.

    But i guess the whole balancing of it will come while Beta.

    But as for immunity itself. If someone has a fire immunity and a fire mage want to hit him, he will not get any chance to win. But if a Ice Mage comes across he will laugh about the fire immunity.
    But thats the system of Fractured. To have the right skillset at the right time.

    I am expecting a very interesting PVP in this case.

    And i would not even mind skills that make a group around you stronger, more immune or whatelse.
    And if it is an aura, you need to be creative if you want to win.

    Always remember, each one has just 28 Memory points, so you have to chose wisely before you step into a fight.
    You may not be able to change your skillset (sleeping at a fire) while a fight is going on.

  • @Kralith Yes, but I´m not in alpha and free weekend is nice, but family takes all the time 🙂 Someone else will have to do the testing.

    Thats what Im talking about. Game should be about skill of player, not paper / rock / scissors. While I agree that having "the right skillset at the right time" should be important, it should not and must not be the only factor. That way why would i bother fighting someone? Countering enemy is fine - but only skillfull way - so if there´s mage, Ill use blinding strike to silence him (while risking fireball into face), if there´s melee, I´ll kite him as long as i can (and hope I will not miss any slow and he will panic 😛 ), but I´m not fine with "countering" by full imunity to enemy - it´s not enjoyable by me and frustrating to opponent. I don´t want to say "Sorry, I hard counter you, surrender to not waste our time". There´s not even slightest sign of any skill in this mechanic. It´s just solely 100% luck (or bad luck if you´re one hard countered)...not saying I mind monster immunities, you can sleep and prepare for any monster, so I´m fine with it; but as you say, in PVP you can´t.

    I have nothing against group buffs, but immunities? Each guy having one aura of different element / damage immunity, so whole zerg is immune to anything - doesn´t it really seems boring to you? Does it really need creativity? Just little of cooperation, but as the ability is "cast and forget" aura, It shouldn´t be too hard. I really hope it´s not aura (at least not one offering immunity).

    And I´m glad one can only have 28 memory points so there´s also some strategy in choice of skills.


    well if you build a char with just fire abilities you're doing something wrong and deserve to get hit by people who use the imunity aura 😛

  • @Shivashanti Well that is right, but lets say I have Fire resist aura and Cold resist aura - so enemy mage I meet has instantly 50% chance to lose. Duels dependant on flipping a coin don´t sound fun.

    Adding more elements / damage types into build is possible way to nullify effect of immunity buff, but then ability is useless for person using it (I lose one of 8 slots for abilities, but enemy one of only 2 slots for passive buff) and noone will eventually use it (except against some pve bosses, but we´re not discussing this here). I´d rather have something usable whether my enemy has the fire damage or not.


    Yeah, but i think it's way too early to discuss such stuff, we don't even know what abilities we will have in general, or even know how the schools and talenttrees affect everything

  • @Shivashanti yep, but the earlier it´s decided the better;
    tho tooltip in Abjuration school says " typical user of this school is also good at disrupting the magical defenses of the opponents" - so it looks the school offers not only magical shields, but also debuffs and disables of resists; but still...

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