• Are DOT (damage over time) builds going to be viable? Seeing "remedies", that can remove poisons every few seconds makes me nervous 😄 (and certainly many more sadistic guys who want to wear enemy down slow and painfully). Is it really so simple to remove all the dots with remedy / purge-like spell , or do "negative status removers" remove one negative status / dot at time?

    And in case there are dots (so far I´ve seen Bleeding strike (damage not specified) and Poison (only poison lvl known, dmg not specified), will these be able to crit? And if so:

    1. if first tick of dot crits, all rest are crits
    2. every tick has own chance to crit
    3. can´t crit, dmg only increasable by reducing resists

    Do same DOTs stack? For example Bleeding strike duration is (with high perception) longer than its cooldown.
    And I hope DOTs are not considered debuffs, so CHA is not important.

  • Anyone who has played alpha? 😞
    All i know is Bleeding strike "is always crit" on initial hit, but how it affects ticks and how are these calculated is still mystery to me.


    The combat system isn't complete yet so it might just be a little early to try and delve too deep into that mystery.

  • @FallenW1ng You´re right, but the way dots work make them either too weak to specialise in them (Secret World) or too strong so everyone does (Diablo III, Path of Exile when burning could double dip). Balancing everything will be issue n1 in game with so many free choices. Im just curious.

  • Now that there´s another alpha, is there anyone to solve this? Have you ever get crit (on tick/ticks of DOT) with Poison (be it from spell or blade), Bleeding strike or Concussive strike? Also do DOTs stack? with PER 20 you can have 2 bleeding dots on enemy, has anyone try it? Thank you.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    The one DOT I have is the poison spell at the moment, granted I haven’t used it in a bit but last time I checked it was too weak to do any viable damage (I’m currently running a mage build at 18 int). I’ll look at it again next time I’m on but if memory serves it was only doing 10-20 damage (high ball) a tick which with how the combat system works right now is pretty inconsequential 🙃


    @Recoil From what I've seen with that starter poison spell, I think it does damage based on the total remaining health of the NPC. So the more health the NPC has, the more damage it does. Haven't fully tested it, but I've noticed it doing a lot more work against bigger enemies.

    Also, for the thread in general, there's spells like the FIre Totem which are kind of a DoT effect in that it can cast Firebolt over and over again. Just unlocked all the Goblin Fire Shaman spells and I've now got to a point where Fire Totem and Fireball give me the missing DPS I needed to burst down a woodland wisp solo. Very happy. 😄

  • @KairosVal

    Hello there, another nice portion of informations
    So poison is procentual, right? The Bleeding (which has not stated its damage) is probably the same case.
    Maybe also Blight, which streight reduces health. Then It would make sense no one has seen those crit.
    But then resists would probably not affect it much.

    ❤ Thank you.


    @asspirin said in DOTs:

    So poison is procentual, right?

    I think it's proportional to total remaining endurance, but haven't actually done the math to prove it.

    I've noticed that mini-boss enemies - the kind I can solo, so just things like Goblin Warchief type enemies - when they fail their resist check to that poison spell, it does damage in the high 100-200 range per tick. But if I use it on a wolf, it does damage in the 50-100 range per tick.

    Additionally, if I land a poison spell on a Goblin Warchief at the beginning of a fight while they have high endurance remaining, it seems to do more damage per tick than if I land one at the end of a fight when they have low endurance remaining.

    I've interpreted that to mean that the damage per tick is proportional to the total amount of remaining endurance. Note that this isn't the same as being a percentage: I'm not sure what the math is or how the damage per tick actually scales against remaining endurance. Not sure what kind of curve it is.

    Additionally, the poison spell comes in different strengths based on your intelligence, and I haven't tested it with characters of different intelligence levels to see how the different poison strengths behave or anything like that. I'm the kind of nerd that would try giving each strength of poison a progressively steeper curve if I were implementing it, but not sure if that would balance properly from an actual game designer's perspective. 😛

    But please keep in mind that I haven't done the math to prove any of this, so it's very possible that I'm mistaking some other mechanic like poison resistance, or that I'm even just imagining it and there's no real relationship there at all. Take this with a grain of salt.

    Experiment with it a little and see what you find. 🙂

  • @KairosVal

    Still thank you. Btw poison scaling seems procentual (even if would depend on current health/endurance) as so far severity of poison is measured on scale 1-5 (probably not 1%-5% hp , but might be calculated from it). However there´s no such thing on Bleeding strike, but it can be stacked, right.

    Would test it, but 1) graphic card died recently, waiting for new one, 2) only have beta access 😄

    Have a nice day

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