Dùath port town of Arboreus



    Welcome stranger.....it seems you found your way through the deep jungle. As you can see there is nothing here just my poor self, bare lands and a long coast line.
    I have a lot of building materials available though....but not enough man power to start a settlement.....what should I do?
    You want to help me to build up a town? Are you sure you want to help me? Hm since you have nothing else to do there is no harm?....I wish more people like yourself would show up.

    Then let's start building the foundation for this town.
    The name of the town? I want to name it Dùath sounds about right? 😁
    My name? Ah I forgot to introduce myself....talking about bad manners.
    My name is Lil Cassiopeia and the gods have given me the ability to create a settlement and govern over it. But what is a town without it's people.....kind of lifeless right?

    I want to make a town for merchants and crafters alike.
    With great roads to several free citys so that many will find the way to us.
    You are afraid of bandits and ravaging beasts? Hm good point but Arboreus is a relative peaceful world for travelers. The gods have created a rule for our races to life in harmony instead of killing ourselves. Sounds good right?
    You are still afraid of the beasts outside and the unprotected road? I will personally take care of that as well. Mercenaries and soldiers who will align with our goals will be welcomed and good payed.

    Criminals and wild monsters will pose no problems to my citizens at all.

    Hm the foundation looks good lets put up a road sign and wait for people to gather.

    Finally after finding some citizens the Governor declared the vision of her city.

    Dùath is located in Arboreus and part of the The Moonshadow Dryads.
    It will function as a diplomatic and trade gate between friendly minded guilds and cities in Arboreus and Syndesia.
    Located at the sea the port town will allow adventurer to access the city from locations far away through a gate and execute trade business fast and smoothly.
    Since big cities can accommodate 100 to 200 citizens it will be necessary to put a structured chain of command in place.

    Leadership structure

    The Governor Lil Cassiopeia is the highest authority in the city.
    Dùath has an autocratic rule and the Governor is selected for lifetime. She will oversee the development and growth of the city and gives directions after consulting with the deputy Governors.

    The deputy Governor is the second highest position and only has to answer to the Governor. The deputy Governor is announced by the Governor and only she can revoke the announcement.
    The deputy Governor will support the Governor in her daily business of managing the city. The deputy Governor will also communicate with the representatives of Dùath and present urgent matters to the Governor.

    Governor: Lil Cassiopeia
    Deputy Governors:

    City Council

    The city council represents the citizens of Dùath. During the meetings directions for development of the city will be discussed. This includes planning infrastructure, trades with other cities, regulate taxes, territory management and possible alliance in consultation with The Moonshadow Dryads capital and its leadership in Kelutral.

    The city council consists of Governor Lil Cassiopeia, deputy Governors and representatives of Dùath. The representatives will be elected by the citizens for the duration of 3 months. After the election period is over a new election will take place. The representatives will be responsible in collecting ideas for improvements and concerns from citizens.

    In case several guilds are citizens of Dùath and they represents 10 % or more of the population the guild leader will be granted a permanent seat at the council table. I would encourage merchants, craftsman, mercenaries and adventures to form a guild for that purpose alone and excel at their craft.

    Life as a citizen

    We welcome everyone to become a citizen as long as his alignment is not evil and he agrees to follow the rules of Dùath. An application can be sent directly to the Governor or deputy Governor who will discuss your request. Once your citizenship is approved we will create a living space for you and help you with the construction of your new home.

    For those who want to leave the city or are unsatisfied with the rule please give your concerns to the representatives first. We may find a solution which will ease your concerns and will convince you to stay. If you still want to leave Dùath then give your representatives the message and the city council will talk your request over.

    If you commit a crime in this city your name will be tainted for lifetime so there will be no second chance. Murder, theft and treason there will be no mercy for those who commit these crimes or worse! Therefore criminals are aware you will be watched by our city guard!

    Royal law

    1.) Abusive language, hate, racism or similar actions will lead to banishment from the city and allied cities/nations will be informed as well. (major law)
    2.) Crime, murder and theft will not be tolerated and will be reported by the city guard! (major law)
    3.) To initiate a fight with a person who is a member of an allied city or kingdom is forbidden!
    However, duels which are agreed on beforehand are allowed. (common law)
    4.) To start a war in the name of Dùath is forbidden and the person will be exiled from the city! (major law)
    5.) A citizen alone cannot speak for Dùath to another city or nation! Matters regarding the city are always discussed in the council. (major law)
    6.) Taxes have to be paid by all citizens without exceptions. (common law)
    7.) Every citizen must contribute to the growth of the city. Without active citizens the city will fall into ruins (common law)

    To break one of the major laws will lead to the highest degree of punishment which is exile from the city of Dùath.
    If a citizen breaks one of the common laws the city council will decide how to handle and define the punishment.


    sounds rather interesting. I might consider joining your side, despite being a pretty reclusive person and player alike!! perhaps i could be a hermit, but still provide support every now and then 🙂

    living on my own in amongst the wildlife could prove fruitful for rss gathering to then sell to the merchants or craft into powerful potions!!


    Glad to see the thread's up and running, Governor @LilCassiopeia!

    @Xzait, I assure you Dùath will be as fun as it is ambitious. Cassiopeia has a strong vision for the town and the game; Meridian's glad to be part of it.


    @LilCassiopeia I wonder why you think you would need to hire mercs to 'protect' a town on Arboreus? Beastkin will surely be able to defend themselves quite well, especially on their home turf. Don't you think there will be plenty of PCs who are envisioned as protectors of their fellows?


    I think we are too far away from the release to know how all works out in the end. Things may change through development but I wanted to include all possibilities.
    Would be nice if some elite monsters patrol the roads and looking for some food? 🤭
    Maybe also a monster invasion into the city? 🐗🐗🐗
    Same would go for Bandits as npc if they decide to implement them.
    Why not give ppl the opportunity to earn some coin by killing those for others who would like more to focus on crafting and trading?
    Would be nice if crafters /merchants could make a living without heavy fighting.


    @Gibbx I myself would enjoy doing that, even not being a hired bow or a mercinary. gathering materials to trade or craft things myself would be very useful 🙂

    I also enjoy the challenge of killing difficult enemies and like to see my progress of it becoming easier over time due to me getting better at things like avoiding their skills or learning their resistances and damage types.

    I loved playing a wizard in Perfect World International, because if you learnt the types of attacks your enemies used, you could swap your defences around to suit the situation and change your attack types to add more advantage. It is a good example of horizontal progression in a majorly vertical progression game too now that i think about it. lol

    unfortunately tho, for years the devs of the game have been killing it, and now it is impossible for a new player to progress to being a badass without spending any money because of how hungry they are.


    Assuming this is gonna take place on the wrong side of the ocean (North American server) I wish you all the best, would have been there if the lag would not have killed me ☺


    @Yitra That's a pretty good point actually. I forgot about the whole servers situation. Hard to remember when the forum consists of everyone. I wonder if they might have an oceania server if enough people end up wanting to play from the oceania region, like myself. For now at least tho, America it is. lol

    Us Aussies r pretty used to half a second lag anyways 😉


    @Gibbx said in Dùath port town of Arboreus:

    @LilCassiopeia I wonder why you think you would need to hire mercs to 'protect' a town on Arboreus? Beastkin will surely be able to defend themselves quite well, especially on their home turf. Don't you think there will be plenty of PCs who are envisioned as protectors of their fellows?

    The Beastling Pack guild I'm putting together will not have a 'home' but is envisioned as a nomadic group offering their services to off-world travelers unfamiliar with Arborean dangers. Merchants and crafters, as well as curious human explorers, may contract our services at fair rates, and avoid harm/hassles.

    I expect that Dùath will have no problems defending itself, but my members of my guild have been given access to the port town in return for helping its citizens travel in safety.

    For me, it feels like a great way to enjoy exploration and PvE challenges, and make a living at the same time w/o being stuck somewhere crafting for the market. We'll see how it works once the game is up and running....


    Hello together,

    it is time to test the foundation of the city management in the next A2-T3 test!
    I would welcome everyone to join me in our conquest near the Vale of Shadows.
    The city is already claimed (see below) and we have space for additonal people.
    It is located just southwest of the southern starting point (star) on the ocean so no big way to walk either.
    Hope a lot of you will join to test this out with me and enjoy the great view over the sea. 👋


    Cheers Lil


    Hey, that's me! Super excited to spend hours gathering and using stone blocks for this city lol


    @LilCassiopeia When I dreamed of a home it was to be situated in the very location on which Dùath is founded. This fact has left me torn, as I am very much a loner and joining a city can be daunting for me. This location was my dream however, and it is ever my desire to be helpful if consideration for my wary nature is given. Many hands makes light work and I would love to be part of, to help grow, the city that is Dùath. Will you have me? Will you include me in your numbers so that I may contribute my skills, my time, and my labor, to make Dùath as glorious a city as it can possibly be?



    @StormBug I welcome everyone with such great spirit as yours! May we work together to shape the city to its most beautiful appearance possible.


    @LilCassiopeia You are most kind. For the first time in many years I look forward to interacting with others and my heart is glad that a city with such promise will rise in this place I hold most dear.

  • Content Creator

    I too wish to humbly put forth my hat for a chance to build the greatness of the future town of Duath.
    It was with a joy I did not know I could contemplate that I heard my reclusive sister, @StormBug had found herself a home that would accept her in her wandering ways. I had feared my own more reclusive bent had unjustly condemned her to a life of loneliness always on the road, not something meant for just anybody, and definitely less than I wanted for her.
    With the news, I made haste unto you so I might join my sister in this, for it has been many a sunrise that I have spent in the wilds of Arboreus without my sister's smile to greet me with the sun.
    Thus, I swear to work tirelessly to help forward the growth and prosperity of this new home if I am permitted inclusion within its environs.


    @GamerSeuss I welcome you with open arms into my new founded city!
    Families should never be separated and you will find a place with your sister here.
    I will look forward to the evening we will all toast in the tavern to the completion of the city.
    We will dance, drink and sing the whole night!
    I hope adventures will also find the way to join us in the celebration and tell us of their story's from the long journey.


    Count me in!


    @StormBug & @GamerSeuss - my toon will be joining the fun in Duath this time around too! Like y'all, I tend to be more the lone explorer than the city party-goer, and will be using the city more as a springboard than a home.

    That said, a big part of the A2T3 is to get comfortable with and test out the brand spankin new city coding, so it will help ALL of us if we spend some time in town and build stuff and junk like that. @LilCassiopeia has indeed claimed a sweet spot on the map, so I'm thinking it'll be way fun.

    Looking forward to seeing you in-game!


    If you are still looking for town members and if there is a free spot, count me in ! I am really looking forward to spend time in building a town. 🐶


    @Fortie @Bhan

    I welcome both of you!
    Let's build something nice and have fun! 🥳

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