Casting speed of spells / attacks

  • Simple question - will all the attacks (except channeled ones) be instant? I mean for example in WoW you channel some spell before you can cast it (and could be interrupted) ADaD as well, in Albion you channel for example Heavy cleave. These are not "channeled spells" like frost ray we´ve seen in one of your videos, rather attacks/spells that have casting time. Will these appear in Fractured too? It could lead to nice combos - high risk high reward, because while hitting like a truck, they could be easily evaded / interrupted.


    i'm expecting different types of spells.


    @asspirin said in Casting speed of spells / attacks:

    Simple question - will all the attacks (except channeled ones) be instant?

    Hello! We will have two different types of non-instant spells:

    Active channeling spells that do whatever they do until the player press the hotkey. They will have a gathering time of about 5 seconds that prevents you from spamming them. (for example, beams work this way)

    And then, we have also channeled spells, in this case, the casting phase is not instant and both the gathering (in this case you will need just to make another attempt) or the casting process (here you will also lose mana or any other resource and the spell will go on cooldown) can be interrupted, causing the spell to end prematurely.

  • @Znirf Thanks a lot for clarification.


    Thanks for info. 🙂 Sounds interesting, having a nice variety of spells is always good.



    so (mana) resource, maybe a reagent, and cooldown. that doesn't sound like fun.

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