[VDR] Vandiir: Who we are and who we aim to be

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    Vandiir Concepts

    What defines Vandiir’s identity?

    Our Philosophy
    We want to not only play with our friends as a community, but also leave a lasting impact on the worlds we play in.

    Our Leaders
    @Savitr, known on discord as Pteroguin, is a man driven not only by his love of dinosaurs and penguins, but also his love for our community. It’s a love that the second-in-command Plume also shares. Savitr and Plume may be the heads of Vandiir as an overall organization, but you will find that our group has many leaders who stand out and thrive in various games.

    The name of our Group
    Vandiir is a unique and lively group of people that are as close-knit as a family. Such a group deserves a name just as unique. Savitr came up with a name that he thought not only sounded good, but was also one he had never heard used. He later found out to his chagrin that an artist had been using it for many years, but the name had already stuck.

    The purpose of our Group
    Vandiir is a gaming community that Savitr created when he wanted to forge a place where his friends could play together in Chronicles of Elyria (another Kickstarter MMO). Vandiir may have been organized based on Chronicles of Elyria, but it is not solely a community centered around it. Our purpose is to hang out and have fun regardless of what game we happen to be playing at the time.

    You can find out what other games we are playing right now in our discord!
    Here is our organizational post on the Chronicles of Elyria Forum for the curious as well.

    Fractured MMO

    How do we intend to approach this game?

    Metagaming vs Roleplaying vs Science
    Vandiir is often taken to be “metagamers” at first glance, but we actually don’t subscribe to a particular playstyle. Our community has a core group that really enjoys what we call “science”, and it is this science that gives off that particular impression. I will say that Vandiir honestly enjoys trying out every option as a group to find out what works best, but any bugs discovered along the way are reported properly to the development team of whichever game we are playing. It’s more about the journey than simply reaching the finish line first.

    Leadership Structure
    Guild Leader:


    See further membership at our Guild Profile

    Our members have shown interest in each of the races and planets, giving us quite the conundrum with the way guilds and planets are locked to specific alignments. Our core organization is likely to be a neutral-based guild with branches on each planet as a result. If necessary, we will split the main guild into three separate allied parts to match each alignment in order to make the most of Fractured’s unique features.

    Please feel free to approach us about possible alliances, we are more than open to cooperation and collaboration.

    How to find out More
    Ask away here in this thread or in our discord whether you want to just get to know us or join us in our Fractured journey.

  • I look forward to meeting all the new friends we make in fractured ^_^


    Thank you for making this post Plume, I feel it's very well written, and to the point!


    So, who are you again? jk 😉

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    @Marn Nice to see you again too Marn 😂

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    waves at fellow guildies
    Thank you for the responses~

    Also, congratulations to @Syllah on becoming one of our officers for fractured!!


    Thank you, and what an amazing post!


    Ayy nice to meet you guys and welcome to this game

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    @dj35 Heyyyy DJ. I look forward to your inevitable invasion and finding out who will win the fite. Heh.


    @Plume hahahaha plume you know me so well if I didn't try and fight you at least once who would I be


    We welcome collaboration efforts and challenges equally steadfastly 😈


    Vandiir is a vibrant community and one of the preeminent factions in Fracture's current community. If you're looking for a strong community dynamic and fellowship, check these folks out! 😄


    we are still recruiting

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