What dungeons and dragons class would you like to see implemented?

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    What kind of spells or skills from DnD that make unique classes would you guys like to see? Personally I would love to see the prestige class shadow sun ninja kinda built around shadow/light magic and martial arts. Would be really cool.

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    There are no classes in Fractured, just abilities. 😛 Depending on the variety of abilities we get, you can build any prestige class from DnD in Fractured.


    Yup Vengu is right. What really makes this game so great is the freedom you will have, being able to "create" your own playstyle 🙂


    Mechanically? None of them.

    In my experience, mechanics that work well in a pen-and-paper setting don't always translate well to a videogame setting. The medium is different, and that shapes how the mechanics play out... And for some reason it just does't feel right.

    From the look of things you have a martial arts body of knowledge, which arguably could be read as being monk-like in nature. And the Devs might even decide to have a 'stunning fist' or a 'quivering-palm' ability in that tree.

    But it still wouldn't be a D&D monk, because the overall mechanics and world are too different.

    Thematically? I'm pretty sure we'll be able to at least approximate standard D&D classes and tropes, so I guess something like a monk or a warlock would be fun to play with. But not at the expense of changing the artistic style and direction of Fractured itself. 🙂

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    If anyone bothered to read what I said they would realize I said skills from the classes and not classes themselves. Also they really do transfer over to video games well. If you have ever played any of the baldur's gate games or just about any strategy rpg then you know this.


    I'd like to see a large array of different area of effects. Yeah, circular, straight line, etc, but get creative as well.

    Have a magic missile type spell that fires a projectile out of each hand, and then each follows a sine wave path, creating two repeatedly crossing paths, but when they're farther out from each other, the space in middle doesn't get hit. Have (particularly non-linear) projectiles have simple physics so that if they hit something along the path to the target, that's where it ends up.

    Rain of fire? Yeah, several meteors coming down in a circular aoe, but don't just do uniform damage in the circle, have each meteor do it's own collision damage.

    In general, just don't do sparkly looking spells presenting things that aren't what they are affecting.

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    Bard like skills would be interesting. Playing music puts a circle around you, allies inside it get more damage from their spells. Stuff like magic songs I guess.

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    Dominate Monster, most of the "wall of" spells and most of the conjuration spells would be really cool to see.
    Other than that, whatever spell that gives the player a sense of achievement when you use it in a smart way rather than going through the same rotation of spells without even thinking is going to be good.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @vs21314 I really think music skills is a great addition to a game like this and to have them would add a lot of depth for players both combat and roleplay wise.


    Agree with many here, best games have no direct classes and let you build how you want. Our Pen & Paper game is a mish-mash of systems where you just build your character by developing whatever skills / abilities you want to learn.

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