Freedom of movement/flying or diving


    Hello Fractured community,

    I am new to Fractured and was reading alot the last few days. One thing I could not find while browsing through the Q&A section of the forum was regarding freedom of movement.
    So my question is basically whether there will be also the possibility to enjoy diving/flying in Fractured or not.
    To be more precise:

    1. Flying: I have played a few MMORPGS where it was possible with a broom/wings to really fly through the world of that MMO and having that environment more or less filled with content as well. Fighting/Gathering in the sky was possible.
    2. Diving: In Guild Wars 2 it is possible to dive under water and also fight/(gather?) there. There were also some quests to complete under water, like freeing some trapped persons etc.

    I have been reading about the isometric view of the game and that this makes it difficult to programm real depths ingame.
    If I have missed some information here, I'd appreciate a link to that information or your opinion regarding this topic.
    Thanks already!


    I think you pretty much answered the question with the isometric view πŸ˜‰

    They could still implement more diverse biomes that include underwater/sky though


    I think Flying is something you can implement in an isometric game, just adjusting the height of a character while staying on same view as on ground.
    I even can imagine this for Fractured very well, since we know in mythologies much Demons with Wings.

    But diving is not really a cool isometric thing, it would need a much tricky zooming in to get it enjoyable.


    Thank you for the answers! A little disappointing but I already feared I would not like the outcome. Different biomes would be okayish I guess but it defenetively is not the same as 3D flying πŸ˜…
    Which is the same for different sized Animations in the isometric view.


    @Kralith said in Freedom of movement/flying or diving:

    (...)I even can imagine this for Fractured very well, since we know in mythologies much Demons with Wings(...)

    Don't you think this would neglect some of the 'restriction' to areas through creatures?
    As there's no 'level restrictions' in Fractured, I'd assume that access to certain areas is generally be gated through environment and creatures (e.g. a lava river). If you can just bypass that through flying, I'd guess getting knowledge points through exploration would become far too easy?


    @Logain Well yes, it would need some thoughts about balancing. I only stated it is imaginable by me. Nothing we really need i think.


    Adding flying itself would implement a number of new requirements for things like combat. Right now all damage states (I’d imagine) would be in a 2d state. Adding flying would require a lot more work to get combat done correctly. Especially when you consider abilities will impact the environment.

    I personally think flying would over complicate things for very little reward. However, I do think special biomes β€œin the sky” would be pretty cool. Could be players trying to get a connection with their deities. Sky cities and all that 😜

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