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    So i bought the patron pledge pack and have a couple of questions i havn´t found answered in the forum.

    1. In the description of the patron pledge features it says in one of them:
      "Reserve unique character name"
      I interpreted it as: I get to choose a character name now and it will be reserved or taken to me when the game in launched.

    Did I understand it corectly? If not what does that mean?

    1. If I understood it corectly, How can I reserve the name? When will this be available? Souldn´t it be already available? I´ve already created a demonic character but that was before the purchase.

    Thanks! Love this community!


    @pedrobillymattos said in Question about Patron pledge Pack:


    So i bought the patron pledge pack and have a couple of questions i havn´t found answered in the forum.
    3. It also says in the description that it includes the lower level pledge pack ARTISAN features. Does it include ALL of the lower´s packs´s features? By that I mean Recruit, Pioneer and founder

    Yes, all pack below are included !

    Thanks! Love this community!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I do not believe name reservations are open yet. I believe the actual name reservations will be tied to either a period shortly before launch, or slightly before beta, depending upon what the studio wishes to do.

    Those are classically the times when name reservations are applied.


    The only way I have seen it so far in other games is that the name of the highest level character from beta is going to be the name reserved for you in release (although those were games brought to the western market and only had betas, so I guess will be different here)

    But I think more interestingly will be the choosing of the Town Spot for the Governors. Like... who will be allowed to choose first and how will they do it? 😛


    @pedrobillymattos you will be able to reserve your name before Release Start, otherwise it would not make sense after it 😉

    I guess they will implement name reservation a while before Release, probably 1-2 months earlier.
    Since we can not count with a Release date before 2021, this function will be also not there before 2021.

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