Still looking for the perfect MMO, is this it?


    Hello everyone, I have been playing MMOs for the past 22 years starting back with Meridian 59 and EQ1 as an alpha tester. It's amazing how MMO gaming has changed over the years and, in some cases, is also returning to the roots. I am encouraged with what I have seen so far on Fractured. I am looking forward to watching the development closely. I don't envy developers these days as there are many important decisions to be made and many opinions on the best direction.

    I am looking for a game with the challenge and community of EQ1, a crafting system similar to Vanguard, a combat system similar to GW2, the questing system and open world aspects of TESO, the solid development and quality of WoW, an event system similar to Rift and GW2 but much more random, something with dynamic AI similar to what was promised in EQ Next, a housing-appearance-mercenary and dungeon design system similar to EQ2, the creativeness and unique creature design of FFXIV as well as some of their unique gaming systems, and I'm sure that there is more if I were to take my time and think through it. I doubt I'll ever see exactly what I am hoping for but every new game comes out with new and interesting system designs.

    Ultimately I think that MMO games need to move away from static worlds and maps and move towards dynamic changes in the world and gameplay. I would love to see NPC AI improve to show unique combat in every battle. I would prefer to have no in game maps (maybe in-game player created), player devised road system, NPCs that roam, battle, level up (something similar to the LOTR Nemesis system) and even aquire their own loot which they can equip and use in battle. Exploration should be a critical aspect which rewards those that venture out to unknown areas and risk the impacts of death with the chance of epic rewards.

    I grow tired of seeing loot tables and know exactly what loot to drop in each dungeon or from every loot box. I am tired of repetitive grinds just to get more item level. I am tired of seeing maps that explain every boss and creature with details on how to beat them. Let's get back to gaming where you truly don't know what is around the next corner or where that dark cave will lead you.


    Everyone has his own idea of a "perfect mmo", so it is for you to decide, not for us to tell you. Besides... no one will ever find his "perfect" mmo. But some can get pretty close to it πŸ˜‰

    As for me... I think if this game even gets half as good as I think it will, it will be pretty close to my "perfect" πŸ˜‰


    @retski Hello new friend, you might need this (info).

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    Nothing is perfect but this game is pretty close to it πŸ˜‰


    Welcome! πŸ‘‹ SpatialOS makes things interesting for sure, I have high hopes for this project πŸ˜„


    @retski welcome aboard. To echo others thoughts, there is no perfect MMO (at least for everyone) since everyone likes different features. This game should be a great one though. Hope you stick around to find out!


    Hi and welcome Retski, Fractured certainly has a different slant to it, perfect tho'? Who knows.


    Hello Retski!


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    I am going to tell you right now combat will be nothing like GW2 and because of the nature of the game I don't think crafting system will work like Vanguard either. Furthermore, some systems that you might think is "perfect" will actually not work well when they're mashed together because one system always affects another. We don't know anything about "events" yet as the game still has too many things to work on. As for unique creature design for FFXIV I think FFXIV is garbage so anything will beat that crap. Loot tables from dungeons is kind of needed because there HAS to be certain things that can be obtained. I mean who the f would play a game where sticks drop from hardest boss of the game or a legendary god tier master sword from the crap dungeon? Games aren't like anime where you're the MC and some stupid weapon drops only for a single person because the damn system wills it to be so.
    Your description sounds more like a dream only for you, so I don't think anything will match it. Set your expectations low and hope for the best.


    Hello welcome!


    @chrightt harsh. Retski was describing what he/she would like to see. I highly doubt he/she had thought out exactly how all these system would conjeal. Plus a lot of things which Retski would like to see are made possible with Spatial. For instance the NPC's that roam, battle and level up.


    Thanks all and I am sure that my thoughts on a perfect MMO will always be changing/evolving as we all learn more about how new systems affect our experiences in games.

    I'm encouraged by the friendly group here so far and not surprised with a little grit in the responses as well, some people just don't have good people skills. Without dreams we have no goals and without goals we have no accomplishments.

    I look forward to seeing how this game progresses and hopefully getting to know some of you.

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