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    Not sure if it's already on the wiki, but how detailed would the character customization for our characters be? i.e. could one make a blue-furred wolf with red anime-sized googly eyes?


    Currently, the character customization is pretty basic.

    However, a more advanced and detailed character customization is one of the stretch goals. As for exactly how detailed the customization will be, I don't know if anybody other than @Specter or @Prometheus will know.

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    @jetah Awsome thanks for the link.

    I just hope that there is not to much that I don't spend hours. That the amount their is will take at least 10 or so min to make my toon. ^_^ I know that I create and recreate until I am happy. I just hope they don't make us a wait at level one to delete a character (10min or more) to delete it so that I can reuse the same name and change its looks because once in game I get a good look and figured that something could look better with a different shade.

    ohhh.. an interactive preview screen you can zone into a room with a couple of training dummies and some stuff so that you can run around with your avatar to see if it really works. Those odd angles and poses in the character creation screen never do it true justice.

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    Character custumization.

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