I am new here. Tell me about this game


    What are peoples thoughts? I just pledged loweste tier. Might pledge more if its progressing well.



    we have plenty of thoughts. search bar for when you want to join in!

    as for the title "Tell me about this game". it's all on the News section by clicking on the the big Fractured image above.


    It's kinda broad question.


    • 3 planets each with different PvP rules (1. mostly PvE with large safe zone, 2. structured PvP, 3. free for all PvP)
    • 3 races to go along with planets (several sub races)
    • no classes (everyone can learn all spells and skills)
    • attribute set that you chose on character creation will boost specific type of spells (even if you can use all spells, some will work better for you). These attributes likely will not be able to get changed later on, or there will be large cool down, and large cost to do this.
    • There is no levels
    • progression is horizontal, you learn more and more skills, and become fit to handle more types of situations, rather then growing in raw power
    • game has old school isometric RPG look
    • devs claim there will be no pay 2 win
    • no instances, it's one huge open world (except when travelling to another planet, then you have load time)
    • you can learn various professions, do GvG, sieges, all other goodies that commonly come in various MMOs

    I think this is more or less the most condensed information you can get inside one post. For more go read spotlight articles in news section of website.


    Few more things to add:

    Skills aren't just a matter of experience points and reading - they are learned by doing - hunt mobs and players who know the skills, train in their use, watch them in action, see their limits and benefits first hand - that's the path to knowledge in this game.

    You can build your home in certain zones - which are both large, diverse, and separate - taking several minutes to go from one to the next, at best, assuming you don't get snagged by a mob

    When you first find a place to build, it will start out as a "ruin" - clear out the monsters to make it safe. Don't maintain your home? it'll fall back into ruin.

    When enough homes are near each other, you become a village, and eventually a town, or a city.

    Villages attract NPCs, who will come to live and work beside the players, based on the building in the town - making a meta-game similar to SimCity, or the like. So, if that's something you like, hey, bonus mode. If you don't care, don't worry about it - the town can mostly run without us if it has to, as long as we supply the materials (or carpenters) to keep the buildings intact, so you can treat it like a normal town once that critical threshold is reached.

    Because NPCs aren't common until players make places for them to safely live, expect a large amount of player driven content. It's not like most MMO where "Goblins are Threatening the Town" event doesn't mean anything - the town really will be destroyed if no one steps up and defends it (unless you built a decent wall and paid some guards to stand off threats). Even the highest positions, the traditional quest givers, are all players - You can be the King Of Hell, if you want to spend the money (last I checked - it's a limited teir in the shop XD ) My guild master is one of 3 High Druids on a planet; I am literally rolling with a gosh-darn Pope, you know?! It's trippy, and kind of awesome. Economy? Player driven. Politics? Player driven. Wars, conflicts, everything - Player. Driven. Everything will have an impact.

    The Big Point.

    You. Matter. Your Choices. Matter. Hang out in a hermitage? you'll know more about an area than anyone else. And other players will come to you to learn what you know. Become a Guild Master? you'll wage strategy across not just 1 planet, but 3! Ravage another world in epic Eclipse events? Your name will be whispered in fear in bars and inns across that planet you, personally, ravaged, and bards will use you as a symbol of fear and glory at home. Just be ready for that world's king to level a bounty on your savage ass XD Or maybe a power behind the throne suits you better? dance below the radar, and leave the whole community bewildered as you manipulate events without ever being caught in the pages of history. Chancellor, villager, hunter, raider - we are not some pieces dancing to the dev's designs, we are free to write what will be. Not too many MMO have tried it - and, like everything else, we decide if it succeeds or not.


    @therippyone @Gothix Thanks dudes appreciate the write ups.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Super quick key points:

    full loot system "sandbox" MMO-ARPG
    3 races each starting on 3 different planets, PVE, middle ground, PVP.
    no levels, game based on exploration and knowledge.
    Environmental interaction with skills.
    b2p (and devs said no p2w elements)
    no set classes, you build a "class" based on skill you choose.


    @blitz Hello new friend, you might need this (info).


    Hello Blitz!


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