Loot and Harvesting?


    I don't know how many times it's been asked, but as I went through the Q&A topics I found little, or maybe I missed something. Regardless, how will the loot system work? Will there be a form of harvesting, i.e. when you kill a deer or wolf, would it have to be skinned, would you auto pick up the loot or would it drop on the ground?

    I have the same question for mining, will it be like harvesting trees, in the sense that it drops on the ground, or will it be more complex?

    In advance I thank whoever contributes, or sheds some light on my questions, and if they've been asked already, a link, or just a say that it's been asked would be nice, Thanks!

    P.S. Will there be a shared loot system, as if you're in a party and you slay a boss or something?


    the video of building a house has logs dropped on the ground which the player picks up and moves to a cart. So I imagine that for many/all harvestables.

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    I went back through my notes and I don't think we know the specifics yet.

    There is the video they show chopping down trees and loading the logs into a cart to make a house but beyond that I don't think we know the specifics of kill land animals and have option to skin and/or butcher.

    It did not look to me in the video that when the tree was chopped down there was any auto loot. It looked like he went around and collected each log that came from the tree. It also looked like he had a weight limit when he had to place the logs into the cart before collecting more.

    I honestly don't remember anything about shared or round robin loot from mobs. Not sure if I missed that though. I still haven't fully watched the last two Q&A sessions from the Kickstarter. I more skimmed through them so it's highly possible I've missed some information.

  • Skinning was kinda mentioned here as an example of ways to interact with creatures.

    The majority of resources will not fit into your inventory; you'll have carry them in your hands which slows you down and puts away your weapon (and disables skills?). Auto loot wouldn't make sense with this system.


    Alright, thanks for clearing this all up!

    I understand now that autolooting is pretty pointless considering the depth of the game, guess that just adds to the fun. 🙂

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